Women training men: your best strength workout ever

Women training men

Until now, it’s been rare for women to train men for muscle and strength. But we’ve brought together three of Fitness First’s best strength and conditioning coaches — all women — for a workout that’s going to make any man ripped.

When Susy Natal decided to train men, she was already well versed in the ways of the Y chromosome. Her home base was the gym at Sydney University, where the uni’s footballers trained. Although her background was as a dancer Susy got in amongst the big tough guys, and kept up when they challenged her.

It also made her better understand what men are like in the gym, and she later jumped at the chance to train guys for strength. Since then she has produced male models, bodybuilders and sports stars. One of her clients even got a contract to play American Football in Hawaii.

“That women can train men is an idea that not everybody can handle,” Susy says.  “Any trainer who has stayed up to date with the research can train anybody, regardless of whether they’re men or women.“

See Susy’s workout for her male client

Leanne Tesoriero, a personal trainer based at George Street Platinum, started training guys when she found out how much she enjoyed weights and power lifting. Male clients who wanted to get stronger became her niche.

“Guys love a good chat and they like to be trained by a stronger trainer,” Leanne says. “While most of the ladies love to be thin, my male clients always want to be stronger. I like to educate them that getting stronger isn’t only about curls and bench press. They end up loving less traditional exercises such as walking lunges and front squats that have a lot to offer.”

See Leanne’s workout for her male client

Personal Trainer Ruby Elbers-Booth is based at Fitness First Dee Why. She never approached men to train with her — they approached her on the gym floor. It was apparent to them that, with her dominant personality, innovative workouts and a background in Crossfit and strength and conditioning, she’d know how to get the job done. Now, training guys to get ripped is one of her specialties.

See Ruby’s workout for her male client