A woman’s Fitbit data helps catch her killer

    Closed laptop with a crime evidence bag,memory usb stick,dvd and a 'crime scene' banner.

    In what sounds like a case straight out of CSI, a Connecticut man has been arrested over the murder of his wife — thanks to her Fitbit data.

    From an arrest report, on December 23rd 2015 the man said he returned home from work at about 9am due to a security alarm going off. He found a strange man in the upstairs of the house and they fought, and he heard his wife come home downstairs. He said the intruder incapacitated him and rushed downstairs, shooting and killing his wife. The man says he managed to injure the man before crawling upstairs to call the police.

    However the woman’s Fitbit tracker tells a different story. While the husband said she was killed shortly after 9am, her tracker shows her last movements were at 10.05am, and that she hadn’t left the gym until after 9.18am and made a phone call shortly afterwards.

    Her husband was officially arrested and charged on this and other evidence with felony murder, tampering with physical evidence and making false statements.

    As we become more connected with technology, it’s our devices that are telling the stories of our lives. Wearables, phone records, internet searches, texts and emails… who knows what other data is hiding out there.