What’s in this month’s beauty bag?

Each issue we test new products to bring you the best. By Melanie Pike.

Uspa age defying hand cream 

Your hands show signs of ageing well before your face does. They need daily care to keep them soft and supple. The olive leaf extract in this anti-ageing cream boosts hydration, and the caviar lime pearls gently exfoliate to smooth and refine.

$45 uspa.com.au

Enbacci age revitalising eye defence 

Infused with apple stem cells (yes, they’re a thing) this light-weight eye cream boosts collagen production, while vitamins A, C and E fight off free radicals to keep your delicate eye area moisturised and wrinkle free.

$88 enbacci.com

A’kin colour protection duo 

Keep your coloured hair fresh and protected between salon treatments with this hair care duo. The gentle formulations will help to reduce the dreaded colour fade to keep your locks luscious and your colour radiant.

$14.95 each akin.com.au

The Quick Flick 

The perfect eyeliner flick is a skill that takes many hours and countless shed tears to master. If you’d prefer to skip the drama and head straight to statement, grab yourself one of these kits. Eyeliner pen on one end, cat’s eye stamp on the other. Ta-da! Done before you can blink.

$34.99 thequickflick.com.au

Milkman Grooming Co Essentials Beard Care Kit 

If you’re serious about your beard, you need a good kit to maintain it. This is one of the best we’ve found. The wash cleans and conditions, the oil locks in moisture and the comb keeps it well groomed. Chuck one in your gym bag.

$60 milkmanaustralia.com