What’s your diet type, and how can it help you eat well?

CSIRO scientists have identified 5 main “diet types” to help you understand what it is that drives you to eat. Based on your behaviour and personality, the diet types aim to help you to make lifestyle changes that can help you improve your health.

“Your personality can play a vital role in your ability to persist with a healthy eating plan,” CSIRO Behavioural Scientist Dr Sinead Golley said. “In spite of this, however, people often focus on nutrition and exercise information and ignore behavioural and emotional aspects that influence a person’s eating.

“This means many Australians are making New Year’s weight loss resolutions ‘blind’, and not understanding what approach may best fit their personality and lifestyle, and what challenges they may face.”

There are 5 main diet types:

  1. The Thinker. Overthinking leads to stress and mood swings which can derail your eating patterns.
  2. The Craver. This person’s heightened experience of cravings can lead to overeating in a variety of tricky situations.
  3. The Foodie. Food is on your mind 24/7 – you love making, eating and experiencing it.
  4. The Socialiser. Flexibility is essential – you won’t let strict food restrictions stifle your social life.
  5. The Freewheeler. Spontaneous and impulsive, you tend to make choices in the here-and-now.

Sound familiar?

“When it comes to weight loss, finding a program that fits your lifestyle can be a challenge,” said CSIRO Research Director and co-author of the Total Wellbeing Diet, Professor Manny Noakes. “Understanding your diet type offers a better way to target how you approach weight loss through connecting people with a more personalised eating plan.”

To find out more information on diet types, head to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet website.