W1 – Workout 1

    Welcome to week 1, day 1 of your new training program. Day 1 begins with a mobilising warm up, followed by 4 sets of the main workout (no equipment required), and finishing with a 10 minute round of Every Minute On the Minute. It’s go time!


    MOBILISE - 5 minREPS 
    A1.Open mountain climbers202 SETS
    A2.Diagonal kick throughs20
    WORKOUT - 30 minREPS 
    B1.Sumo squats104 SETS
    REST 30 SEC
    B2.Fwd/Reverse lunges10
    REST 30 SEC
    B3.Push ups10
    REST 30 SEC
    B4.Mountain climbers10
    REST 30 SEC
    B5.Renegade rows10
    REST 60 SEC
    EMOM - 10 minREPS 
    C1.Lateral lunges5 each side60 seconds each exercise
    C2.Lying cycles10
    C3.High knees20


    A1. Open mountain climbers

     Reps: 20 – Sets: 2 

    Start in a plank with hands shoulder-width apart and spine straight. Bring one foot to the outside of the same hand, and push your hips toward ground. Return to a plank and stretch the other side.

    A2. Diagonal kick throughs

     Reps: 10 – Sets: 2 

    Start in a plank with hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width apart. Bring one foot to the outside of the same hand. Extend that hand upwards, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Tuck your back knee in towards your chest before diagonally kicking that leg through and past your anchored arm with a flexed foot. Return to the plank position.


    B1. Sumo squats

     Reps: 10 – Sets: 4 – Tempo: 2:0:2:0 – Rest: 30 seconds 

    Begin with feet in a wide stance, toes out at a 45° angle. Sink your shoulders back and down. Keeping your torso up, shoulders back and knees out, hold your hands close to your body and tilt your pelvis back in a sitting motion, sinking back into a squat. Drive the weight through your heels to stand, squeezing your glutes at the top.

    B2. Forward/reverse lunges

     Reps: 10 each side – Sets: 4 – Rest: 30 seconds 

    Stand with your feet together. With chest up and shoulders back, engage your stomach muscles. Step forward and bend both knees into a 90° angle to perform a lunge. Push off the front foot and step directly behind you with the same leg to perform a second lunge. Repeat for 10 lunges each side.

    B3. Push ups

     Reps: 10 – Sets: 4 – Tempo: 2:0:2:0 – Rest: 30 seconds 

    Beginners, start in a plank with hands shoulder-width apart, knees and feet anchored on the ground with spine flat. Advanced, start in a plank with hands at shoulder-width or slightly wider, feet anchored together or hip-width apart. Engage your stomach muscles, bend your elbows out and lower your chest to just above the ground. Straighten your arms to return to the start position.

    B4. Mountain climbers

     Reps: 10 each side – Sets: 4 – Rest: 30 seconds 

    Start in a plank with hands shoulder-width apart and feet together. Engage your stomach muscles. Bring one knee in towards the opposite elbow, aiming to feel a slight rotation through your mid-section. Return your foot back and repeat on the opposite side.

    B5. Renegade rows

     Reps: 10 – Sets: 4 – Rest: 60 seconds 

    Start in a plank with hands shoulder-width apart and feet just wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your hips square, pull one hand up to your armpit, squeezing your shoulder blade on that side. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other arm.

     10 Minute EMOM 

    (Every Minute On the Minute)

    • Set your timer for 10 minutes.
    • In the 1st minute, complete the required reps of exercise 1, using the remaining time in that minute to rest.
    • At the 2nd minute, complete the required reps of exercise 2 and rest.
    • At the 3rd minute, complete the required reps of exercise 3 and rest. At the 4th minute, start back at the top.

    EMOM is great for tracking your progression. If you feel you’re resting too long, you can increase the amount of reps you do in each set so you’re working hard to complete the reps in just under a minute.

    C1. Lateral lunges

     Reps: 5 each side 

    Standing with feet together, step one foot wide out to the side. Bend your knee over your foot as it lands, hinging forward at the hips with a flat back, aiming to touch the ground in front of you with your fingertips. Keep your stomach muscles engaged. Return back to the start position.

    C2. Lying cycles

     Reps: 10 

    Lie on your back with your feet together. Place your fingers behind your neck, elbows wide and your shoulder blades squeezed together. Without using your hands, gently lift your upper back, neck and head off the ground, engaging your stomach muscles. Lift your legs slightly off the ground. With a slight rotation, bend one knee up and bring the opposite elbow to meet it. Alternate arms and legs, keeping your legs low and the movement slow and controlled.

    C3. High knees

     Reps: 20 

    Standing with your feet together and toes forward, set your arms at a 90° angle at the elbow, palms down. Run on the spot with your knees hitting your palms on every repetition. Keep your arms rigid, don’t drop them to meet your knees.