Ultimate winter pampering

Make your everyday routine a bit more luxurious with these winter warming treatments, by Sarah Brooks-Wilson.

It’s the little things you do for your face, body and hair that make all the difference in the beauty stakes. Here’s how to make your everyday routine a little bit more luxurious.

From the tip of your toes, right up to the top of your head, these beauty hacks are all designed to ward off the winter blues by protecting your skin from the drying winter winds that can wreak havoc on your hydration levels and leave you dry and chapped.

And don’t forget that winter is the perfect time to switch up your fragrance. Make the most of the warming notes of cool weather scents.

Do a facial peel once a week

While you should already be exfoliating your face at least twice a week, sometimes you need to go that step further for extra radiance. A peel is a good start. You’ll be amazed by its transformative powers. Not only will it look smoother and brighter, it will enhance the absorption of your active serums and moisturisers afterwards. Finish with a spritz of hydrating mist. Try Hydropeptide Peel Anti Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel, $120 and Alpha-H Instant Facial, $62.

Don’t forget the radiance mask

Masking is no longer reserved for bath time — slather on a mask for a perkier complexion whenever you like. But if you are in the bath, the heat will help the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, not to mention making the ritual a more relaxing and indulgent one. Choose masks for your needs and skin type, but pick one that helps to lock in moisture at this time of year. Try Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask, $85.

Bathe in essential oils

Come autumn a bath is a luxurious and nourishing treat. Don’t just chuck any old product in the water, splash out on bath oils with pure essential oils. Not only will the oils scent the whole room, but they will give your skin hydrating benefits. Try Aromatherapy Associates Deep Bath & Shower Oil, $92.


Use a hair mask

Autumn is the time when the heating goes on, the air gets dry and everything, including your hair, starts to feel parched. Add in the damage of summer and you’ve got split ends and a dried-out mess. Apply a hair mask once a week to help restore your strands to their former glory. Go for masks containing keratin to help reconstruct damaged hair. Apply after washing and leave on for at least 10-15 minutes for the mask to work its magic. Try Goldwell Kerasilk Control Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask, $42.95.

Warm up with a hot cloth cleanser

Think of how good your skin feels after a facial. You can get the same feeling at home by using a hot cloth cleanser. The skin loves pampering during the colder months, and the comfort of warm muslin and a soothing cleanser can work wonders for restoring a dry, lacklustre complexion. Balm and oil cleansers suit this style of cleansing as they need to be rinsed off thoroughly, and a cloth is the perfect tool to do it. Try Napoleon Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and Makeup Remover, $59.

Do a face massage

Facial massages stimulate circulation, drainage and improves the facial muscles. If you want to do a full-blown massage, begin with a cleanse, tone and then apply a massage oil, massage, wipe off, cleanse and apply the rest of your skincare. You may also apply a cream mixed with Argan oil after your serum. This massage is for your lymph drainage and circulation. Right behind your ear, by your jaw, you’ll feel a node. Lightly massage it out. For the V-line, make a claw with your knuckles and use harder pressure to brush your fingers from your jaw down your neck. Use your thumb to tug your fingers along your jawline. End with a sweeping motion across your collarbone. Try Swisse Argan Oil Facial Moisturiser, $9.95.

Make the most of your fragrance

While most of us spritz and go, if you take the time to layer your fragrance it will last much longer. Fragrance rises, so you should apply it from the bottom of your body up. Use a shower gel and body lotion fragranced with your scent to intensify it. Then place your fragrance first at the pulse points on your ankles and behind your knees, then hit your wrists, neck and behind your ears, as they are the warmest places on your body. The rule of thumb is the heavier your clothing, the heavier your scent should be, so that means you can now go for richer notes that wouldn’t be wearable in summer. Fragrance is a luxury, so enjoy the moments when you apply it. Try Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme EDP, $175/50ml and Noir Pour Femme Body Lotion, $85.

Slather on body oil

When the temperature drops and your skin is dry, body oils will instantly soak in. Use a pure oil to get benefits from its rich anti-inflammatory botanicals, which increases blood circulation and helps cell renewal while nourishing the deeper layers of the skin. For maximum benefit, apply after a bath or shower when the skin is damp to trap in extra moisture. It’s a good excuse to potter around in your robe while you wait for it to sink in. Try Sodashi Fitness Recovery Oil, $69.