Tyson Mayr’s Top 4 Running Spots in Sydney

Everyone knows running is good for you. There are not too many people who will dispute that. But who has time for it?

‘I have kids to look after, a crazy work schedule. Plus, it’s cold in the morning!?’

I get it. We all have busy lives, who really has time to run?

Well, as I’ve always said to myself, if the busiest and most successful people on the planet can make time, why can’t I?

The truth is, we all know that running makes us happier. I’m sure we’ve all read that it alleviates stress, improves your sleeping patterns, strengthens your immunity, your bones and muscles and even increases your life expectancy.

But the fact is, if you don’t want to go for a run, then no scientific research will make you do otherwise.

So instead, I want to share with you why I love to run and what its most important benefits to me are!

4 Reasons I Run


1. It makes me happier

There is no doubt that after a run I feel amazing. That is because it releases endorphins. Those magical feel-good chemicals in your brain make you feel instantly happier while also alleviating stress. No matter what stress I am dealing with, a simple run around the block always fixes my problems.

2. It straightens my posture

Working at a desk all day is not how our bodies were designed to operate. Going for a run helps strengthen parts of your back and core that keep you upright, the way you are supposed to be. This is something I especially notice and something I am always conscious of while running – head up, shoulders back, body upright. Go, go, go.

3. I can do it anywhere

No matter what country I’m in, no matter what job I’m doing, no matter where I am – I can always go for a run. Getting to the gym can be a hassle some days, what with traffic and parking. But there’s nothing stopping you from putting on a pair of shoes, walking outside and going for a run.

4. To Get Outside!!

This to me, this is probably the most important benefit of running. In a world in which we live glued to a computer or phone, generally indoors, we can go years living in a city without ever really exploring it!

Here are my Top 4 running spots that I found when I challenged myself to run somewhere new each week, in Sydney.

Tyson Mayr’s Top 4 Running Spots in Sydney


1. Bondi to Coogee


This has one of the world’s most iconic beaches, a beautiful coastline and epic cliffs. This is a must-do if you are ever visiting Sydney. The run is not too strenuous, but you can still make use of stair inclines if you want to max out your heart rate. Get there early to beat the crowds or late afternoon to catch my favourite, a beautiful Bondi Sunset.

2. Manly Headlands


Another iconic beach, Manly is where you will find epic waves to surf and world-class snorkelling. But if you venture just a few minutes towards North Head, you will feel as though you are walking through the outback of Australia. Expect to see a lot of Australian wildlife, old military remains and insane Sydney views. You may even stumble across a “hanging lake”, way up above the ocean, on top of the cliffs.

3. Barangaroo Reserve


Are you staying in Sydney’s CBD or want to explore more of the city? Barangaroo is a recently developed reserve, rich in Aboriginal history, smack bang in the middle of Sydney. Expect to see impressive harbour views, city skylines and lots of iconic Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Opera house, just minutes away. Lucky there’s underground parking here, otherwise your car might end up like this one (picture).

4. Curl Curl Beach


The Northern beaches of Sydney are definitely some of the local’s favourites. North of Manly, Curl Curl beach is a much more local experience, where you will find the perfect mix of sand, dunes, nature tracks and cliffs to explore. There are swimming pools on either end of the beach, which are free to use and present you with far less tourists to compete with. So if you’re after a more local experience, where you can enjoy more of beautiful Sydney all to yourself, this is the place for you!

By making the conscious effort of running in a new location each week, you will not only improve your health and mental wellbeing, but it will keep the travel bug at bay as you get to keep exploring, from your own backyard.

For me, the fact that running keeps me fit and healthy is just a bonus. Running is my ultimate meditation and without a doubt one of the most important things I do every day.

So here is my challenge to you. If you read this article, right now make the challenge to yourself that you will run somewhere new in your city within the next 7 days. Lock it in with a friend so you are committed and share with me after how good it was!

Whether it’s a beach you have always wanted to visit or a park that’s not too far away, lock in a time and date and see how you feel after ☺

If you have a favourite exercise that you love to do, please leave me a comment below, don’t forget to share this with any of your running pals and hopefully I will see you out on a track somewhere, running soon ☺

Safe travels,
Tyson Mayr
The Naked Traveller

Tyson Mayr is a Travel Blogger, Presenter and Fitness Enthusiast. Stay tuned to Fitness First Magazine for regular articles from Tyson Mayr on Travel and Fitness as he travels the world. Don’t forget to follow his adventures and ask him any questions.