The faster weight loss workout

When you need to lose weight fast, you need this workout by Fitness First trainer Jessica Kate Herbert, which incorporates functional training for faster results.

This workout maximises every exercise you can do for weight loss. It uses functional training, with movements that recruit a number of different muscle groups (burning as much energy as possible in a time-efficient manner).

The exercises stretch and mobilise your body, assist in postural correction as well as iron out muscular imbalances. You will build strength and elevate your heart rate in more creative ways than just pounding the pavement or treadmill.

The program is low impact and highly accessible to almost anyone with enthusiastic weight loss goals for 2017.

1. TRX squat to row

Tightly grip the handles with palms facing inwards. Walk out until there’s tension on the straps then walk your feet underneath the anchor point. Feet are hip width apart. Extend arms straight ensuring your body is in one flat plank line with the glutes squeezed tightly. Lower your glutes down towards your heels with control and arms still straight. Return to flat plank and row, squeezing your upper back muscles together and bringing the handles to underneath armpits.    

2. Med ball vertical squat throw

Hug the medicine ball at chest height in a quarter depth squat stance (feet hip width apart, knees over toes, sit glutes back). Use the upward phase of the squat to drive the ball and throw it up with power. Catch the ball on the bounce and repeat.

3. Calorie row

On a rower, set the resistance level to 8-10. Grip the handles tight with your palms faced down. Pull the handles back to your chest, straightening your legs and leaning slightly back at the end, squeezing the upper back muscles. Lean far forward when returning from each pull phase to cover as much distance as possible. Aim for power in every stroke until you hit the 10 calories.

4. Push up with rotation

Place your hands just over shoulder width apart on the ground and feet just over hip width apart in a push up position. Make sure you’re in a rigid flat plank and your eye line is slightly up from the floor to maintain the flat line and protect your neck. Push your chest as close to the ground as possible and back to locked arm position. Rotate onto the outside of one foot and the inside of the other, lifting one arm to the ceiling, squeezing your shoulders together and looking up toward the palm of your hand.

5. Kettlebell single leg deadlift

Hold the kettlebell with the same hand as the working leg. With control extend the working leg directly behind you, bringing the kettlebell down to tap the ground. Make sure your supporting leg stays as strong as possible, stretching the back of the leg. Slowly return the working leg back to the side of the supporting leg, bringing the kettlebell back to your side and rotating your shoulder back to finish.

6. Barbell overhead walking lunges

Hold the barbell in an overhand, wide grip above and slightly behind your head, locking your elbows to full extension and engaging your upper back muscles so you feel a slight stretch in your chest. Plant one foot one metre in front of the other, raise the back heel and bend both knees at a 90° angle. Aim to get your back knee as close to the ground as possible.

7. Cable torso rotation

Adjust the cable lever to shoulder height. Standing side-on to the machine, grab the handle with your outside hand first and then your inside hand. Push your shoulders down and ensure a slight bend in your arms. Rotate the handle to the other side of your body almost drawing a semi-circle with your hands and returning with control. Rotate the leg closest to the cable machine in the direction you’re rotating if you have any discomfort through your lower back, and avoid shrugging your shoulders into your neck.

Jessica Kate Herbert is the owner and movement motivator of The Mve.mnt. Society, a personal trainer at Fitness First Titanium Barangaroo and Barre Attack instructor at Fitness First Darlinghurst. For regular training, nutrition and mindset inspiration, follow her on Facebook @themvemntsociety and on Instagram @jessicakate_themvemntsociety.