(T)raining men

There’s not a dad bod in sight among Dinny Morris’ clients. The Fitness First trainer knows how turn ordinary blokes into showstoppers.

As a full-time personal trainer for the past seven years, Dinny Morris (front, 3rd from left) knows how to transform men. After being teased about his weight and losing his father to a heart attack, he decided to transform his own life and has applied the lessons to his clients.

1. Start with the basics, get strong in the classics

Get the foundation movements right: push, pull, squat, lunge, brace and hinge. Start with exercises that are balanced and right for your body type and as you progress, focus on what areas you want to physically change. It’s the foundation exercises done right that will speed up your transformation and leave you lifting for life.

2. Fix your sh*t

Prioritise biomechanical issues and fix those imbalanced body parts. If you’re only training your chest, arms and abs, you’re setting yourself up for possible back or shoulder issues in the future. Always correct injuries and regress to progress – it’s the road to a much faster transformation.

3. Compound exercises

Organise your training schedule to focus on compound exercises that use more muscle mass, generate better results and release more natural growth hormones. Don’t leap into advanced exercise. Focus on progression rather than training like an Instagram star born with a six-pack.

4. Correct flexibility issues

It’s not just about the biceps! To move, we need flexibility, which means healthy soft tissue and a firm commitment to stretching and mobilising joints. A better range of motion means a better quality of life, while poor flexibility spells imbalance, pain and potential for more injury in the gym. Tip: don’t forget to train those legs!

5. Lift more weights

If your goal is fat loss, focus on a healthy combo of cardio routines, HIIT and weights. Once your body fat is down, start to apply hypertrophy weight training principles and build extra muscle with compound classic lifts. Think cardio for fat loss and weights for body shape.

6. What you eat matters

Eat natural food that comes from the ground or a field rather than a plastic container. If you can’t find the “magic ingredient” you’re after, don’t waste time. Instead, focus on eating well and doing the work. Educate yourself about food, macronutrients, calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and remember that supplements only work when you do.

7. Food prep, food prep, food prep

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. If your meals are organised and healthy, you’re more likely to eat them after work rather than ordering takeaway and risking over- or under-eating. Have a shopping list and designate a day to get organised and put staples in the cupboard.

8. What is measured is managed

Always measure your progress with photos, calipers and scales or Dexa scans. Why? If your motivation slips, you can see how far you’ve come. It also keeps you accountable and allows for tweaks in nutrition and training. When you start seeing results, your drive increases.

9. Get enough sleep

You’re causing muscle damage with an intense gym program, so you need sleep to recover. If you sacrifice sleep, everything suffers including motivation, energy levels, drive and concentration. Seven or eight hours a night is the optimum.

10. Focus on technique

Technique involves using the muscles correctly. If your posture isn’t right during a push-up, you won’t activate the chest muscles correctly. If you can’t contract a muscle, you can’t grow it.

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