The toughest workout in Australia isn’t what you think…

With all the hype around Ninja Warrior and the Crossfit Games over the last few months, people are looking to amp up their workouts and smash it in the gym. But the toughest workout you can do mightn’t be anything like you think — have you heard of Barre Attack?

Now hold back your scoffing for just a second: Barre may strike you as a feminine ballet-style workout that’s nothing to be afraid of, right? Wrong. Behold Barre Attack, an intense total body workout founded by certified Pilates teacher Renee Scott, who taught with the direct descendant of Joseph Pilates.

After many years of refining her training in her Pilates studio, Renee developed Barre Attack to be the ultimate full body workout. It’s now practiced by 10,000 women (and a not-insignificant number of men) in Australia each week – and if you haven’t tried it before then take note, this isn’t just an ordinary workout: it’s designed to make you sweat and leave every single muscle burning and shaking.

Hello, jelly legs! Here’s why Barre Attack is considered to be one of the toughest workouts in Australia:

It focuses on small movements

Barre Attack focuses on the smaller muscles that are too often neglected on the weights floor or in your HIIT class. The workout uses resistance bands and lightweight balls in a series of repetitive micro-movements that will burn you out faster than doing 10 reps of a bench press. This also means quicker results because of the time under tension that your muscles endure.

Cardio bursts

Love interval training? Barre Attack mixes resistance training with bursts of cardio throughout the class. The cardio bursts will often focus on the muscle group that you were just working in resistance, so the muscles are already engaged, fatigued and warm before you start. You also tend to switch from standing exercises to planking exercises quite rapidly. Going from vertical to horizontal gets your heart rate up fast, which gets you into the fat burn zone faster.

The most core work you will ever do

No matter which position you are in, Barre Attack focuses on engaging the core at all times. Not only does this work on your posture and balance, but keeping your core engaged for 45 minutes straight will build that six-pack more than any average sit-up.

Intrigued? Check out if your local Fitness First club has Barre Attack on their timetable and sign up for the next class — your body mightn’t thank you immediately, but it will in the long run.