The fat-torching agility workout

Want more grace, speed and power? Perform at a higher level with this workout by personal trainers Grant McDonald and Grace Martin.

This dynamic and explosive workout is designed to increase your speed and make you stronger, more flexible, powerful and stable so you can achieve in any sport or adventure. The high-intensity exercises and weight-resistance movements will also burn through more calories to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Stability is key in a lot of these exercises, so focus on performing the movements correctly with good form. From stability comes strength, from strength comes power, from power comes speed.

 1  Cossack squat

3 sets, 12 reps, 7-8 RPE, 45 sec/2:2

Stand with feet wider than hip-width. Squat down to one side into the heel of one foot while straightening your other leg. Keep your chest up and the kettlebell high on your chest. Push through your heel to stand and repeat on the opposite side.

 2  Shuttle with lateral movement

3 sets, 3 runs, 8-9 RPE, 45 sec/fast

Set up three markers in a line in front of you, about 2m apart. From 5m back shuttle to the middle marker and side-skip out to one side marker. Side-skip back and shuttle run backwards to the start. Shuttle back to the middle and side-skip to the other side, side-skip back and shuttle backwards to the start.

 3  Explosive sled pull

5 sets, 1 lap (20m), 8-9 RPE, 20 sec/fast

Hold the handles in both hands and stand in a braced squat, leaning back with arms fully extended, so there’s tension in the cables. Set your shoulders back, brace your core and stay low, leaning back as you drive your legs into the ground to pull the sled for the full distance.

 4  Single-leg cable lunge to pull

3 sets, 6 each side, 7-8 RPE, 45 sec/2:2

Facing the cable machine, stand on the opposite leg to the hand holding the cable. Reach forward with your cable hand while you extend your raised leg backwards until your arm and leg are parallel to the floor. Pull the cable and stand, bringing the cable into your chest as your raise your knee in front of you.

 5  Rotational wall ball throw

3 sets, 6 each side, 7-8 RPE, 30 sec/explosive

Stand 2-3m from a wall side-on with knees slightly bent. Bring the ball across your body and throw it against the wall with arms slightly bent and core engaged. Release the ball when it passes the shoulder closest to the wall. Catch the ball on the rebound and rotate back to start position.

 6  ViPR ice skaters

3 sets, 12 reps, 7-8 RPE, 15 sec/fast

Hold the ViPR with both hands. Bound to the right and bring the ViPR up and out to your right side as you bring your left foot in behind your right leg. Bound dynamically to your left to repeat.

Grace Martin runs GracieM Fitness. Find more on Instagram @gracieemartin

Grant McDonald is head of GM Fitness. Find him on Instagram @granttmcdonald