Tesla: forget petrol stations, fill up at a hotel!

A Tesla Model S charging at a Crowne Plaza hotel in the Hunter Valley.

Electric car company Tesla continues to reinvent how things are done in the car industry, introducing a new concept in charging locations and the industry’s longest warranty period. Ellie McInerney reports.

Just when we thought Elon Musk had done enough disruption, he’s stepped up the game by introducing the concept of charging your car at a hotel and announcing the industry’s first 8-year car warranty.

His electric car company, Tesla, has done a deal to place a Tesla charger in every Crowne Plaza hotel in Australasia. This addresses two issues faced by electric cars: the relatively small number of charging stations compared to petrol stations, and the fact that charging takes longer than filling a car with petrol.

Every Crowne Plaza throughout NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, QLD and New Zealand is now officially equipped with two Destination Chargers, with most locations delivering between 40km and 80km of range per hour.

So if you’re going to spend an hour or more to top up your Tesla’s battery, you may as well do it in a Crowne Plaza hotel! Tesla owners can enjoy the freedom of pulling up at a Crowne Plaza hotel and kicking back by the pool, hitting the gym, taking a nap or grabbing some lunch while their Tesla recharges.

Driving a Tesla means never having to use petrol, which therefore means you can enjoy the good feels of doing right by the environment. When powered by 100 per cent GreenPower, Tesla Destination Chargers have zero emissions. This is just one of the reasons Crowne has jumped on board, their key focus on the sustainability conversation is perfectly aligned with Tesla’s mission for a cleaner, healthier world. Road tripping in a Tesla (or just hitting the supermarket) is an easier and seriously fun way to lower your carbon footprint when on the road.

Our reporter Ellie McInerney, from one of her Instagram Stories on the Tesla and Crowne Plaza announcement.

Tesla took Fitness First mag and other media on a tour of Crowne Plaza hotels on the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions outside Sydney. It means I got to drive the Model S and Model X over a couple of days, and if the cars’ environmental credentials weren’t attractive enough, the performance just blew me away.

The Model X, for instance, is the family SUV and has been deemed the quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history – capable of accelerating from zero to 100km per hour in as quick as 3.1 seconds (read our 12 Reasons a Model X Will Blow You Away). Both the Model S and X take advantage of the extra storage space thanks to the lack of engine with both front and back trunks, which means more space for suitcases and snacks. The Model X is also the equivalent of a modern day Batmobile, with Falcon Wing doors that open up, instead of out, for easier access to the entire cabin. This means no more bumping heads and tight squeezes trying to get the little ones buckled up.

Electric cars like the Model S and Model X have far less parts than a conventional car powered by an internal combustion engine. It makes them inherently more reliable, which is why Tesla has introduced an 8‑year new car warranty and roadside assistance for Model S and Model X.

This is a year longer than the longest warranties offered by car makers such as Kia, although unlike the South Korean car maker, it does not offer unlimited mileage in that period. It’s eight years or 160,000 km whichever comes first.

The vehicle’s lithium-ion battery and drive unit, however, are covered by a separate 8‑year, infinite km warranty.

Coverage is linked to the vehicle and therefore is passed onto future owners if the vehicle is sold.