Exclusive: Pro workout to get you ready for team sports

Going to play football, netball, rugby, hockey, basketball or even touch footy this year? This exclusive workout by one of the world’s top fitness innovators – Haydn Masters – will get you ready to perform to best of your ability in your team. It will keep you injury-free and maximise your range of movements in the heat of battle on the field. 

Haydn MastersIn sporting circles, Haydn Masters (right) is known as one of the world’s top fitness innovators. His work as Head of Physical Performance for the Australian rugby team is regarded as one of the main reasons the young Wallabies did so well at the recent World Cup. His constant introduction of new concepts to training have regularly helped the Wallabies and his previous teams outperform the opposition.

Haydn’s workout prepares you for your winter team sport with exercises that will ensure you can perform the full range of motion your body is really capable of, and will go a long way to preventing soft tissue injuries. Although these exercises are normally performed by Haydn’s pro athletes, they are specifically selected to be relevant for any weekend warrior no matter what the team sport or skill level.



This program is designed to prepare field sport athletes before a game to reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries caused by poor hip conditioning and to improve athletic performance.

Primarily focused on hip and trunk conditioning, the workout can be incorporated into your weekly routine as an intense full-body workout. Good levels of front and rear flexibility are required for efficiency in most of these exercises. If you struggle to get into the correct positions in the mobility and activation exercises, it’s a very good indicator on how hard you need to work on mobility to achieve effective hip conditioning results, reduce injury risk and maximise your potential as an athlete.

The workout is divided into three distinct phases used to prepare the Wallaby players for training; the first session provides preparation to release the soft tissue for dynamic movement through full range of motion, the second provides activation for turning on targeted movements and muscle groups and the third is the core movements of the session, in this case, a full body strength session.

PHASE 1 – Releasing tissue for full range of motion

1. Soft Tissues Release

Using a hard foam roller and trigger ball, manipulate soft tissue hotspots to improve your readiness for training. The lower body sequence uses the roller at your calf, shins and outside, middle and inner quad and the trigger ball under the foot, the TFLs (Tensor Fasciae Latae) and gluteals. Work each spot for 30 seconds with the formula of 10 seconds to find a tight spot and 20 seconds to release it.

2. Lunge Rotation

Lunge forward into start position with back leg straight. With the opposite hand to your front leg on the ground, straighten out the front leg then rotate your opposite arm to the top of the movement and hold for one second. Return to the starting position and repeat for five repetitions. Aim is to have your front leg completely straight. [For the hamstring, especially long head of biceps femoris]

3. Couch Stretch

Starting in a kneel position with both feet against a wall, move one knee against the wall and the other forward to place rear leg in a strong stretch position. Hold for one minute each side. Some light contraction of the glutes will increase stretch potential once you feel comfortable at full stretch. [Front hip and quad]

4. Snatch Squat Press

Using heel lifts, deep squat into start position with a stick or bar across your shoulders and hold this position until 10 repetitions of pressing the bar overhead are complete. Aim is to pull the bar down over three seconds. [For hip, thoracic & shoulder mobility]