Pass the pit sniff test with an all natural anti-odourant

No Pong founder Melanie McVean conducting a sniff test.

Any gymgoer knows the importance of a good deodorant — but many off-the-shelf brands contain harsh chemicals that don’t agree with our skin. We had a chat with No Pong founders Chris Caley and Melanie McVean about the importance of choosing a deodorant that keeps your skin healthy, breathing and bacteria-free.

Sweat is your body’s natural cooling system, but a lot of people use an antiperspirant which stops you from sweating. Why is it important to avoid an antiperspirant when working out?

Sweating’s primary purpose is to regulate your body’s internal temperature.

How does this relate to antiperspirants? Well, your armpits are a key area in the body for heat transfer. Think about this for a moment: our armpits are one of the few places in the body that a doctor will take your temperature!

The groin and neck are also important areas for heat transfer, and the thing in common about all of these areas is that they all have major blood vessels flowing near the skin’s surface.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, in a cold weather rescue scenario with a hypothermic patient, effective re-warming often involves applying heat to the chest and armpits.

No Pong allows your armpits to sweat and breathe, so it doesn’t interfere with our body’s ability to regulate temperature in this important area.

The fun part of sweating is when it is associated with some serious exercise, as it leads to all sorts of happy feelings, increased health, a rush of endorphins! We love sweat, especially when we know it won’t lead to smell!

How does the No Pong anti odourant combat odour? It contains 100% natural ingredients, but is there a hero ingredient you can tell us about?

No Pong uses coconut oil and beeswax, as well as sodium bicarbonate or magnesium hydroxide in our new “Bicarb Free” version, to create a water-resistant environment that armpit bacteria don’t like at all! The key to No Pong’s effectiveness is all of those ingredients playing their individual parts together.

What makes a paste deodorant more effective than a traditional aerosol deodorant?

Most traditional aerosols don’t stay where you spray them, and many roll-ons are water based so they wash off when you sweat.

As No Pong is a paste that you apply directly to your armpit just like a lotion or a cream, it is much more precise and longer lasting.

No Pong is designed to create an environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive in, and perhaps more importantly, stick to the skin.

No Pong founders Chris Caley and Melanie McVean flawlessly passing the pit sniff test.

Who are your typical No Pong users? 

As you can imagine with an everyday product like deodorant, we have a really broad range of customers, from teens right through to retirees. One thing that is unique across all of our customers is a conscious awareness that what we put on our bodies is important, and most of them have a love for a healthy, active lifestyle. That said, some people also just love it because it’s more effective than any other deodorant they’ve used!

We’re surprised at how cheap and effective No Pong is compared to other natural deodorants. How do you keep costs down?

Being affordable for everyone is one of our core values. We designed No Pong specifically as a direct-to-consumer online focused business to keep costs down and avoid any increased margins that come with an in-store retail model. That said, we still use the finest ingredients and we’ve worked really hard to ensure that the we can make the margins work sustainably.

What inspired you to start No Pong?

We were initially inspired while on a surfing trip in the tropics, where Chris wore the same shirt for 3 days and didn’t smell at all. It was at this point we realised we were on to something.

It wasn’t long after this, that we realised our true inspiration that continues to motivate us every day: and that is our awesome customers. Their stories of how No Pong has helped them in their daily lives is so humbling and is really what gets us up in the morning to do what we do. So, here’s a shout out to all of our amazing customers, you are the true heroes of No Pong!

The No Pong name is quite literal! How did this name come about?

We’re straight shooters and No Pong does exactly what it says on the tin!

As ambassadors for a healthier, greener lifestyle, how can the average person make changes to their lifestyle to avoid man made chemicals and synthetic ingredients?

In our modern world, it’s hard to avoid chemicals and synthetics substances, and besides making healthy choices about what we put on our skin, we also try to make healthy choices as to what we put inside our bodies.

A few years before we started No Pong we had gotten right into veggie gardening.  We’d gotten it to a point where almost all of our greens came from our own garden, and it was just a small suburban Sydney backyard with four separate garden beds.  So, it’s totally possible with some planning and smart use of space to have a seasonal variety and know exactly what goes in your green smoothies in the morning, and what is in your salad at night.

We also try to re-use and recycle as much as possible, and as technology enables us to be more self-sufficient we’re optimistic we’ll see leaps and bounds in our abilities to live cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lives.

Tell us about your monthly ‘smellscription’ service.

We believe that great, effective natural products should be both affordable and  convenient, and our Monthly Club is designed to deliver on this. We have thousands of customers worldwide that enjoy No Pong being delivered right to their door each and every month.