Survive the change of season

Everything you need to rid yourself of winter skin, dry nails and frizzy hair. Sarah Brooks-Wilson rounds up the products.

So you’ve weathered the choppy waters of winter, cosy knits and lashings of heavy moisturiser. Now that spring is here, it’s time to detox your beauty kit. Throw out the heavy stuff and switch in products that will take you from dry and flaky to sweatproof when summer finally hits.

Love lotions, but don’t forget serums

You’ve been using heavier moisturisers throughout winter to keep your skin hydrated in the chill, but now the weather is warming up, your face may become oily by the end of the day. Switch to a lighter moisturiser – either a gel-cream or lotion will hydrate without the grease. Serums are still essential, as they help fix skin concerns and will keep your complexion peachy year-round. Try: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Anti-Oxidant Capsules Serum, $29.99 and Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion, $10.99

Swap powder for cream 

Powder formulations can cling to dehydrated areas on the skin and go patchy during the day, especially as the weather gets warmer. By switching to liquid and cream versions of your blush and bronzer, your skin will look fresh and dewy, and stay put all day. Lightly dab on, gradually building up the colour – some creams have a high pigment, so you’ll need less. Try: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush, $52

Go anti-inflammatory

Red, itchy or sensitive skin always seems to flare up when the temperature starts to rise. Be ahead of the game and add an anti-inflammatory face oil (like sweet almond or chamomile) to your regimen at the end of winter. It will soothe the complexion and help prevent irritation. Consider a blend that contains antioxidant-rich rosehip, neroli or pomegranate to protect your skin from the elements. Try: Goodness Superfood Skincare Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, $19.95

Swap body creams for lotions

Or a yoghurt! If your skin is starting to feel sticky after you apply your winter body moisturiser, it may be time to switch to a lighter alternative that will hydrate the skin, minus the oily factor. There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered after you’ve just got out of the shower. Yoghurts are this season’s newest formulation – they absorb instantly and provide up to 48 hours of moisture. Try: The Body Shop Almond Milk Body Yogurt, $16

Tame the frizz

The first thing to go when the weather starts to change is usually the hair. In winter it’s the cold and central heating that saps your locks of moisture, causing them to dry out and frizz. In summer, frizz is caused when the moisture levels in the atmosphere outweigh the moisture in your hair, and spring is a frustrating blend of the two. The answer is to make sure your hair is hydrated, which starts when you wash it. Switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and give hair a deep treatment once a week to replenish dry ends. Try: Hair Recipe Honey & Apricot Moisture Hair Mask, $19.99

Add an SPF to your routine

We hope you’ve been using sunscreen throughout winter, as the sun never gives up whether it’s 11°C or 27°C. It helps if your makeup comes with sun protection, too, but a dedicated sunscreen is a worthy investment and one you should be using every day. Over the years, facial sunscreens have improved on the texture front and they no longer leave behind a white veil. Phew! Try: Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25, $40

Rescue dried-out nails

If you’ve constantly had polish on your nails during winter, it’s time to give them a break with a squeaky-clean, bare-as-you-dare mani. Try an overnight nail mask – yes, there is such a thing – which lightens and brightens discoloured nails, and hydrates with natural oils. If you can’t bear to go natural, paint on a topcoat to keep them shiny. Massage in a nail oil every night before bed for extra repair. Try: Revitanail 2-Step Revival System, $25.95

Choose a lip colour with skincare clout

Lips are always a bit worse for wear after winter, as the seasonal changeover tends to be drying. Swap lipsticks for tinted hydrating balms containing shea butter and jojoba seed oil, which will moisturise while giving a slick of colour. If they need a bit more TLC, gently exfoliate with a lip scrub beforehand. Don’t overdo it, as the skin on the lips is thin and extra scuffing on already dry, cracked lips can make them bleed. Try: Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, $35

Use a tint instead of foundation

While this may seem like a bold move, when the weather warms up a notch, it’s liberating to shed excess layers like a coat. Now is the time to swap your winter foundation for a lighter tint or a BB cream, which will feel lighter on your face. If you don’t fancy dropping cash on a new base, just mix your existing foundation into a lightweight moisturiser. Try: Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20, $18.95

Switch to a lighter scent

Spring calls for a fragrance shuffle, so lock away your richer scents and turn to fresh citrus and floral aromas to get you in the mood for warmer climes. Not sure what to buy? Take the time to go shopping and take into account what you already like. Spritz on your skin rather than the tester strip and if possible, wear a perfume for a few hours to see how it develops. Try: Jo Malone London Green Wheat & Meadowsweet Cologne, $98 (30ml)

Add some glow drops

If you’re not a fan of fake tan, but want to give your pale winter complexion a glow, add some tanning drops to your everyday skincare regimen. It will only take a few days, but your face will have subtle colour again, giving you that “I’ve just spent a week in Fiji” feel. Try: Le Tan Liquid Sun Tanning Drops, $19.99