Supermarket sweep: yoghurt

With yoghurt said to be an anti-inflammatory superhero, we asked dietitian Jemma O’Hanlon to check the dairy aisle and pick the healthy yoghurts from the indulgent.

The yoghurt aisle can be a maze to navigate. With options like natural, Greek, pot set, light, full fat, no added sugar, lactose-free and more, it can be difficult to know what to put in your trolley and what to leave on the shelf. But never fear, I’ve done the hard work and reviewed some of the more popular yoghurts on the shelves and where they sit from a nutritional standpoint.

Top marks

  • Chobani Low Fat Plain Greek Yoghurt
  • Rokeby Farms Natural Quark Yoghurt
  • Skyr Icelandic Style Natural Yoghurt
  • YoPRO Plain Yoghurt

Top marks go to these yoghurts for their high-protein, low-kilojoule content, with less than 500kJ and more than 16g of protein per serve. Protein keeps you fuller for longer as it slows digestion and absorption. Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt also has a staggering 507mg of calcium — more than half your daily intake. I love these thick yoghurts with berries and muesli for breakfast. To tackle chocolate cravings, try stirring a teaspoon of cacao through your yoghurt or sprinkle some cacao nibs on top.

Good choices

  • Jalna Pot Set Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
  • Tamar Valley No Added Sugar Greek Style Low Fat Yoghurt
  • Activia Seeds & Grains Yoghurt

These yoghurts are unique in their own way. Jalna’s Pot Set Fat Free Natural Yoghurt is low in kilojoules and has a lovely tartness. If you’re into fruit yoghurts but don’t want the sugar, Tamar Valley’s No Added Sugar Greek Style Yoghurts are portion controlled and contain less than 100 calories, making them a perfect snack option. For something different, try the new Activia Seeds & Grains Yoghurt — made with pepitas, sunflower seeds, linseeds, poppy seeds, quinoa and steel-cut oats, ready for breakfast.

Treat yo-self

  • Coyo Organic Natural Yoghurt
  • Chobani Flip Peanut Butter Dream
  • Gippsland Dairy Lemon Curd Twist Yoghurt
  • Eoss Premium Yoghurt Caramel Crumble

These yoghurts are a sometimes rather than everyday option. You know those moments when you’re still hungry after dinner and craving something sweet? This is where these guys fit in. They’re far better for you than a block of chocolate, but they’re on the indulgent side for a yoghurt, as they’re higher in kilojoules, saturated fat and sugar.