Summer skincare for sweaty men

How to overcome the sweaty and oily skin that many blokes suffer from in summer. By Aimee Wice.

Summer can be an uncomfortable season for some men. Compared to women, a man’s body produces more sweat which evaporates less efficiently from the skin, so it can be hard for guys to cool off during those long, hot days and nights. Increased sweat can unfortunately give you an oilier complexion. Thankfully, these skin-saving heroes can keep sweat and oil in check all summer long.


For daily care, Clinique Australia’s state education manager, Kerry Stenzler, recommends “a bacteria-fighting cleanser to remove dirt, oils and sweat on the skin’s surface.” A few times a week “a manual scrub should be used, as a man’s skin can tolerate regular exfoliation. Their skin produces twice as much oil as a woman’s, and it has a lower PH, making it a perfect place for bacteria to grow. This also means it’s more prone to impurities, blackheads and acne.”

Wash away impurities daily with Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash, $35. “It’s an easy to use daily detoxifying gel cleanser that gives a deep, non-drying cleanse and suits all skin types,” says Stenzler.

For a deep-down scrub, massage Clinique For Men Face Scrub, $40 into the face. Stenzler advises that “this non-abrasive scrub invigorates, exfoliates and lifts beard hairs, reducing congestion.”

Post-wash, keep skin in check with Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Oil Free Matte SPF 30, $71. This hardworking, lightweight lotion offers ultra-sheer broad spectrum protection while regulating oil-production for all day comfort.

To replenish lost moisture, apply a serum like DNA Intensive Renewal, $157.50. The lightweight formula works to repair skin damage from the environment and can be applied day or night without building up or blocking pores.


Power up your shower after an AM workout with an invigorating body wash like
Jack Black Turbo Wash Energising Cleanser for Hair & Body, $89
. “It’s great after a workout because it’s formulated with eucalyptus to fight bacteria, and juniper berry and arnica to soothe tired muscles,” says Nathan Jancauskas, owner of Men’s Biz.

To wash up after a long day, choose a soothing moisturising wash like Trilogy Botanical Body Wash, $27.95. “If your cleanser is too harsh it will disrupt the skin’s protective layers, leading to a vicious cycle of oil overproduction and uncomfortable tightness,” says Corinne Morley, Trilogy Global’s in-house beauty expert. “The right balance and blend of natural oils in your body care is essential for healthy, balanced skin. This body wash works to cleanse, soothe, refresh and stimulate the skin while relaxing your mind and senses.”

And let’s not forget a good deodorant. “While deodorants and antiperspirants both fight bacteria responsible for sweaty odours, antiperspirants go one step further and work to reduce the amount you sweat,” says Ken Lee, Nivea Skincare scientist. Nivea Men Invisible Black and White, $6.59 fits the bill perfectly, providing two-day antiperspirant protection, even on those record-breaking sweaty scorchers.