Summer Porsche

You probably haven’t considered THE Porsche 718 Boxster GTS convertible as your next car, But with summer coming, Tony Sarno argues you should. Just hear him out.

Sometimes in life you need to deviate from the script. You should stop worrying about family, friends and work colleagues. And as part of a healthy lifestyle, sometimes you need to stop and find time to spoil yourself.

Here’s my case for why you should spend $209,300 to get this Porsche 718 Boxster GTS.
I know it’s a lot of money, but I have a compelling case for why it should be your second car at least, if not your first.

1. It’s a roadster convertible

Although the roof’s up in the photo above (because it was raining the day we photographed it), the Porsche 718 Boxster GTS is a glorious convertible. Two seats means it’s a roadster, so it’s just for you and a friend – not the family, your kid’s soccer team or the shopping. A roadster is about you and one other select person in your life.

2. Connects to the environment

The Boxster GTS isn’t an electric car with green credentials. In fact, it has a brutal Porsche 2.5-litre boxer turborcharged engine mounted in the middle just behind the seats, which gets really fired up in Sport or Sport Plus driving modes and guzzles plenty of fuel. But as a convertible, the Boxster connects you to your environment like no other car. Nothing in the world beats a long summer drive on a winding road in the Aussie Alps in this machine, when all sights, sounds and fragrances of the bush make driving a pure joy.

3. It’s universally loved

Not all your friends are hanging out for a ride in your Mitsubishi SUV or Toyota Corolla. Some won’t even be impressed by the predictable success symbols of a BMW, Mercedes or Audi. But every single one of them will beg you for a ride in a Porsche convertible – both for the experience and to be seen in one.

4. It’s a Porsche

For the uninitiated, Porsches are the perennial benchmarks for sports cars, built from the ground up to be taken to their limits. In fact, Porsche recommends you do that regularly to keep the cars in shape. Ordinary Porsches are engineered to handle the stresses of being raced lap after lap on a race track. What does that mean in real life? You could hammer a 718 Boxster GTS up and down the winding roads and switchbacks of the Snowys for days on end and it would barely raise a sweat.

5. It has a gauge for G-forces

Handling and roadholding, not speed, are the true hallmarks of a sports car. Some Porsches always shock me at just how embarrassingly superior they are at going fast around corners, in particular the mid-engine Boxster and its coupe version, the Cayman (old 911s have some quirks in that department).

We took the Boxster GTS for a burn on the twisty roads of Sydney’s Royal National Park, staying well under the speed limits so as not to intimidate cars ahead of us. And yet, without even trying, we were suddenly on their rear bumpers on the sharp bends. While ordinary cars slowed down to a crawl, the Boxster GTS would go around like it was on rails. It’s even got a gauge for G-forces, like an aircraft.

6. It has a Porsche’s ferocity

The first thing you notice about any Porsche that’s not a Cayenne or Macan SUV is that it’s got a rawness and ferocity that sit just below the surface, like it’s some kind of wild animal that’s been domesticated but is still a wild animal at heart.

Switch the Boxster GTS from Normal driving mode to Sport and the engine burble gets louder, the transmission shifts at higher revs, the suspension gets stiffer and you get that delicious, hoonish crackle and pop on the overrun, when you come off the accelerator. The purists kicked up a stink when Porsche dropped its usual six-cylinder engine from the Boxster and replaced it with the turbocharged 2.5-litre version, which has a less characteristic engine note, but it made the Boxster even faster.

7. It’s faster than some 911s

Quick history: Porsche’s 911 line of cars is one of the most hallowed and desirable in motoring. Fast, merciless grand touring machines, they defined the brand. The Boxster and its coupe twin, the Cayman, were introduced in the mid-90s as more efficiently built, affordable sports cars which also ironed out some of the quirks of the 911s that made them dangerous in the hands of noobs. The golden rule at Porsche was that no Boxster or Cayman should ever be faster than a 911, the hero car. But the Boxster GTS breaks that rule. It’s actually faster than one of most popular 911s ever, the 996 GT3 model from the early noughties that was created for racing. And there’s no argument the driving dynamics are better.

8. It will go up in value

So you might think $209,300 for a fully optioned 718 Boxster GTS (with the famed Doppelkupplung twin gearbox) is a lot of money. But Porsches are so sought after that they hold on to their value more than most cars. Some of Porsche’s original 356 roadsters now sell for millions of dollars, while more common examples for well over half a million. That means the 718 Boxster GTS may never be as affordable as it is now. So, what are you waiting for?