Shock your system with this summer bodyweight workout

If you can’t get to a gym during the festive season, shake up your training with this advanced bodyweight workout by Fitness First trainer Ben Young.

Getting leaner, stronger and fitter are the fitness goals for most people, but after a hard year in the gym, some of us might be getting a little bored of the same old training schedule. This workout is designed to change up your routine. Whether you’re away from your regular gym over the Christmas break or you just want some much-needed novelty, here’s some additional conditioning and mobility training that you can inject into your workouts to spice them up.

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Improve your range of motion

This first superset will rotate your hips and shoulders through the largest range of motion possible under a degree of tension and control. This is known as Controlled Articular Rotation (CAR). It will improve your range of motion and identify and expand any limitations you might have.

A1. Shoulder CAR

Starting with your arm by your side, make the biggest arm circle you can by raising your arm forward and up (flexion) and then extending it backwards (extension), keeping as much strain on it as possible without being painful. Avoid compensating for tension with movement in other joints.

A2. Hip CAR

Using a pole or bar for balance, raise your leg up until your knee is level with your hip. Rotate your knee out to the side, then rotate at the knee so your ankle extends backwards. Bring your leg back to your side. Avoid compensating with movement in other joints.

B1. L-sit to shoulder stand

Begin on parallel bars in the L-sit position with shoulders forward and knees locked out. Hold the position for 3 seconds, then tuck your legs in and tip your shoulders forward (bending the elbows if you’re a beginner) to move into a shoulder stand, raising your legs to an almost vertical position for 3 seconds. Move back into the start position and repeat.

B2. Pull up to lever

Grab the bar with a pronated grip (palms facing away from your body) and pull your chest up to it. Lower back down. Keeping elbows locked, raise your shins up to the bar, then lower.

C1. Side kick through

Start on all fours with hands and knees shoulder-width apart, resting on your toes. Rotate to the side by lifting one arm off the ground, throwing out the opposite leg as an anchor to balance you in the movement.

C2. Low bridge rotation

From a deep squat position, place one hand on the ground behind you. Pivot off the outside part of your wrist to rotate, bringing your other arm up and around your head to connect with the floor to push back up into the squat. The motion should be circular in nature.

C3. Front kick through

Begin on your hands and toes. Take a small hop back to sit on your heels in a loaded position. Explosively spring forward, at the same time lifting one hand and replacing it with the foot of the same side, letting your opposite leg kick out  in front of you.

D1. Heel elevated step ups

Stand on one leg on a step platform with your heel resting on a rolled-up mat. Bend your standing leg at the knee to lower your raised leg to the ground. Try to stay as upright as possible, squeezing your leg as hard as you can at the top of the movement.

D2. Natural leg curl

Kneel on the ground with your feet anchored. Bend your body forward at the hips until your face almost touches the ground. Reverse the movement and repeat.

Ben Young runs coaching company “Be More Human”, getting his clients moving more dynamically. He works in several Fitness First locations across Sydney and has a remote online coaching platform with tailored programs. He can be contacted at and on Instagram @bemorehumancoaching.