Scents for spring

Swap your heavy winter scents for a burst of fresh florals and crisp celeb-endorsed scents this spring. These are the exciting new fragrances to welcome the warmer weather.

Vera Wang – Princess of Hearts

If someone tries to impress with you a floral, just grab Vera Wang’s Princess of Hearts and say “that’s not a floral, this is a floral!” This fragrance goes all out with too many flower and fruit notes to mention, and ends with a warm base of vanilla cream, musk and cedar.

EDT 50ml $59

Kenzo – Flower

This is one that you should always revisit in spring because it’s such a heavenly floral. Powdery and feminine, it’s a stunning combination of vanilla, violets and rose. Flower is one of those fragrances that often tops people’s lists of favourite perfumes.

EDP 50ml $115

Katy Perry’s INDI

With Katy Perry going through her Miley Cyrus stage, this floral woodsy musk bomb contains 11 different types of musk, and is a big departure from her previous fragrance. Like the name, it’s definitely individual:  musky, sweetish and slightly oriental. Will please Katy’s fans.

EDP 100ml $69

Guess – 1981

From the fashion house of Guess, this is a light, unobtrusive floral with middle notes of violet, jasmine and pear. It’s meant to be sensual, but it’s more of a work safe perfume you can wear all week in the warmer months.

EDT 100ml $69

Calvin Klein – Obsessed for Men

Obsessed for Men is woody and amber, so fresh and sweet it’s almost feminine — but there’s a reason for this and it’s awesome: the white lavender reminds you of the lingering feminine scent of a past love, before returning you to the masculine heart of dark vanilla.

EDT 75ml $79

David Beckham – Respect

For a celebrity fragrance, this totally surprised and delighted us, because it manages to be masculine in a fresh, original way. It flits between sporty, spicy and earthy without settling on the usual traditional aqua/musk male clichés. It gets our respect.

EDT 90ml $49

Joop! – Wow!

A sweet and spicy orange candy and berry scent that’s probably more unisex than masculine — but that’s a good thing, because if you’re a bloke wearing this sweetness you’re less of a stereotype and if you’re a girl, you can steal it from your man.

EDT 60ml $80

Bulgari – Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve

The successor to Aqva Pour Homme, Atlantiqve is a delightful masculine fragrance that evokes the ocean but without the heavy seaweed notes of the original Aqva. Ambergris has been swapped in for the seaweed and it’s also more lemony in the top notes.

EDT 50ml $95