Petrol/Diesel car shaming: it’s now a thing!

Electric cars are not just less polluting, they absolutely destroy petrol/diesel powered cars in drag races. The Internet is now full of videos of conventional sports and racing cars (from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Dodge Challengers) getting owned by Teslas on streets and drag strips around the world.

This week on Instagram, Tesla’s Elon Musk shamed Alfa Romeo by posting a video of a Model X thrashing its 4C sports car in a drag race. The twist was that the Model X was pulling a trailer with another Alfa 4C on it! For a sports car and famous marque like Alfa Romeo, it was a total shaming.

We’ve had first hand experience with the massive acceleration gap between gasoline and electric power. When we tested a Model X against a massively powerful, V8 powered Range Rover Sport, the electric car was so much faster that we struggled to make it a contest.

In the end, we had to give the Range Rover a 30m standing start. And see below what happened.

In the video, the Tesla Model X P100D (powered by an electric motor on each axle) totally fries the Range Rover, which powered by a supercharged 5.0L V8 that makes it one of the fastest conventional SUVs available. The experience left us stunned, and led us to write The 12 reasons the new Tesla will blow you away.

Below is the video that Elon Musk posted. It was originally published by Motor Trend magazine in the US. The Motor Trend video also features a drag race between a Tesla and the British Bentley Bentayga, which claims to be the world’s fastest SUV.