Oakley’s awesome new glasses coach your run, ride

    These days you can get wearables in all shapes and sizes: activity tracking watches, stride measuring clip-ons and wrap-around heart rate monitors. But here is a world first from legendary sports brand Oakley: the Radar Pace, a pair of sports eyewear that doubles as your fitness coach.

    oakley_radar-paceNot only protecting your eyes from all manner of debris (in both high and low light thanks to interchangeable lenses), the high-tech but incredibly lightweight eyewear comes with earbud-style headphones that can bluetooth sync to your phone for music, and coach you through your workout.

    And here’s the best part: the coach doesn’t just tell you how you’re going, it tells you what you should be doing in order to hit your goal for the session. The Radar Pace designs and sets a series of workouts based on your goals and current fitness level, and guides you day by day through each training session.

    The Radar Pace is updated in real time, keeping track of your power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace and distance for both runners and cyclists. It actively updates your workout based on your performance, and if you need to skip a day, the pace will adjust for your next workout. It really is like having a personal trainer in your head, guiding you every step of the way.

    oakley_radarpace_aksellundsvindal-cycling-2One of the greatest benefits of this type of instantly updated hands-free feedback is that it keeps you on pace for every step of your workout. You might go for a run or a ride, and after 10 or 15 minutes have no idea how you’re tracking: if you should go harder or ease off, how far you should go or even if you’ve broken a PB. This is where the Oakley Radar Pace truly shines, giving you that information simply when you ask for it.

    The coach is voice activated — a simple “Ok Radar” wakes up the tech, and you can ask it for details on your pace, stride, heart rate and more. You can also ask it what you should do next in order to keep on track with your training goals.

    Oakley is looking to redefine the way you train, and the Radar Pace is the end result of years of research between the Luxottica brand and Intel. “Radar Pace is a testament that everything can and will be made better,” said Scott Smith, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Luxottica. “It is the ultimate hands-free training wearable that will push the boundaries of smart eyewear.”

    oakley_radarpace_jennyrissveds-running-1The lenses are also special — featuring Oakley Prizm technology that enhances detail to help improve your performance. The Prizm Road lens that comes with Radar Pace brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so runners and cyclists can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily for a confident training experience.

    The Oakley Radar Pace are available in store and online now at RRP $589.95.