Nutrition week 8: looking towards a healthier future

    It’s always exciting when you start a new eating plan because you’re motivated and keen to get started, but often the challenges arise after you have finished your 8 week stint.  What most people don’t realise is that if you want to continue to keep your body fat down and feel good, you need to maintain what you’re doing right now.

    If you still want to lose a little more body fat, stay on your current macro counts. However, if you are happy with your body weight, you can increase your energy intake by 500kcal and maintain it at this level. This should be divided between protein, carbs and fat macros.

    When you get into a pattern of eating where you think you have built healthy habits, you can eventually get rid of macro counting. This may take 3 months to do. You may only need to check the macros of food that you are unfamiliar with or if you want to check the serving size. After all, healthy eating can be enjoyable and include the food you love, you just have to understand how it can fit into your individual plan. Good luck!