Ninja Warrior workout 4

The fourth routine is executed in one big set without touching the floor if possible. Don’t be afraid if the exercises in this routine seem difficult. Master each previous routine and you’ll progress. Aurelien Apport says: “If you can do a chin-up, you can do high chin-ups; if you can do high chin-ups, you’ll be able to do muscle-ups. But first you need to do the chin-ups.”

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 4A  Muscle-up to dips on top of the bar


A muscle-up is a chin-up executed with maximum acceleration. The purpose is to bring your upper body as high as possible during the pulling phase. When the max height is reached, rotate your wrist and elevate your elbows to stop your body on top of the bar in a dip position. Extend your arms to finish the rep. Both wrists and elbows have to move together or injury or overused injury will occur. Once you are at the top, execute one or more dips. Dips on a bar require lots of shoulder stabilisation.

 4B  Front lever followed by 45″ hang

Front level 10 sec in total, dead hang 45″ for as long as possible

In one motion, bring your body parallel to the floor, keeping your arms straight the whole time. Push the bar away from you as you lift your body — this will help to distribute the weight from each side of your grip. Start with one leg bent and one straight, then straddle, then both legs straight. If that’s too hard, do a knee tuck first, then extend one leg. Control the return to start. At the end of your set, finish with a dead hang (set yourself an accessible time). This combo is meant to be taxing on your core, power, strength and grip.

 4C  Combo squat jump (2 legs) landing 1 leg then explosive side jump (1 leg)

6-8 reps each side

Execute a squat jump. Land on one leg, then explode in a side jump, landing on the other leg. This combo has to be powerful, but all landings are sharp and controlled.

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