Ninja Warrior workout 2

Each of the workout’s four routines is performed three to five times. If you can perform five sets maxing out reps for each exercise you can move to the next routine. This second routine introduces chin-ups, an essential exercise for Ninja Warriors. Women should be able to do at least 10 chin-ups before they consider starting further, specialised Ninja training.

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 2A + 2B  Chin-ups + knee tucks

4-10 reps each


Start in a dead hang position. In one motion, retract your scapulas and pull your chin above the bar. Come back to the initial position in a controlled manner. As you get stronger, add speed on the concentric phase.

Knee tucks

(To be executed just after the chin-ups without touching the floor, if possible.) Same start as the knee raise, but this time your knees will end up in between your arms at the end of the concentric phase. As hard as it is, try to control the movement the entire time.

 2C  Explosive push-ups

6-10 reps

Start in a plank position, arms straight and core locked in. Execute a push-up In one energetic movement without losing your core control. Your hands should come off the floor (more or less). If it’s too difficult on the floor at the beginning, try on a bench or a step.

 2D  Box jump, 2 legs up, 1 leg contra jump down

8-12 reps each leg

Start in a standing position. Squat, then jump on top of a box with two legs. Jump off the box and land on the floor with one leg. Start from a small height to make sure your technique is on point and avoid injuries.

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