Ninja Warrior workout 1

From the first routine to the last, the exercises are fundamentally the same, says Aurelien Apport, they just get more difficult. For the first three routines, do all four exercises back to back with little to no rest depending on your fitness level. Have a 2 minute rest between each set of four exercises.

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 1A  Jumping muscle-up

10-15 reps

Make sure the bar is safely attached. Place yourself in front of the bar, hands hip-width apart. Bend your knees all the way, making a vertical jump to land with hips higher than the bar and with your body fully tense. If you are landing with bent arms on the bar, push yourself up to finish with arms straight.

 1B  Negative dips

6-12 reps

Start with straight arms. Bend your arms in a slow and controlled movement until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle. If you can’t control the movement, use a resistance band to assist and execute it safely.

 1C  Hanging knee raise

10-15 reps

Start in dead hang position. Then elevate your knees until you thighs are parallel to the floor. A slight scapulas retraction will help you to control the movement. Try to keep control during the concentric and eccentric phase.

 1D  Squat jump, landing one leg

8-12 each leg

Start in a standing position, squat down then push up to execute a jump. Land on one leg. Coordinate your arm with the jump and start with a little height, as the landing on one
leg should be perfectly controlled.

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