New heights: summer grooming for him

2017 is all about experimenting. It all starts with a good, strong haircut that you can re-work, so you won’t get bored and, more to the point, have fun with different hair products too.


There’s no need to worry about a cabinet full of hair products to get your “geek” on. On damp hair, use your hairdryer with the nozzle attached to stretch out your strands, using your fingers to direct your hair straight and flat. If your hair is coarse or curly, use a paddle brush as this smooths out the hair.

When your hair is 100% dry, work a 10c piece of DRY MUK styling paste in your palms to warm it. Glide your palms softly over your hair, working firmly closer to the roots so the product goes through evenly. Make a clean side part and use your fingers to style like I did here so it looks a little more airy not stuck to your head.


I do love a good 60’s throwback, whirled into the new year. This hair shape screams confidence and attitude, so are you up for it? Rid your hair of any previous product build up by washing it first. Dry your hair 90% for maximum sheen and hold. Work a dollop of SLICK MUK pomade into your hands, then work thoroughly through your hair from roots to ends, making sure it’s evenly distributed so the hair holds.

Now grab your comb and mould your hair clean away from your face, sculpting it tight to your head and finishing off with some height on top, resembling a modern day quiff.

For hair textures that are somewhat thicker you can apply more product now for extra hold.


Now it’s time to have fun, to be free spirited, if you will. Time for the game changer and thinking more “Rebel Without a Cause”.

Skip washing your hair post-workout, as we need your rebellious strands to feel gritty and dirty from your hard training.

Scoop a five cent piece of HARD MUK styling mud into your palms, warming it up so it glides and isn’t so stiff. Run your hands through your hair, starting at the hairline lightly and then continue to work thoroughly through the middle of your hair so it has that “gritty” feel to it.

Here’s where you can’t be overly precious, loosen up on the over-styling for the next few hours and just run your fingers through your hair so it appears more disheveled rather than slickly groomed. Remember it’s all in the care free attitude guys.

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Photography: Lee McCluskey
Model: Ace @ Chadwick