Need for speed

    There’s nothing quite like the rush of zipping down the side of a mountain, says Stacey Lane.

    Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

    This Central American location is filled with high-charged activities including kayaking, surfing and ziplining. However, it’s sledding down the side of an active volcano that gives go-getters the biggest adrenaline rush. Locals have long been doing it on old mattresses or surfboards, and now they’ve realised they can make money out of it. Climbing up the 728m Cerro Negro Volcano and then flying down the slope of black volcanic dust on a piece of sandboard is a hot ticket with intrepid thrill-seekers – you can even get your speed clocked on a radar gun. Once you’ve had your fun at Cerro Negro, there are plenty of other volcanoes (both dormant and active) to visit, many of which you can explore by hiking, swimming in their crater lakes or observing pools of bubbling gas and lava.