The miracle tech supercharging recovery

After an intense workout your body needs time to repair. Traditional methods — stretching, foam rolling and massage, to name a few — have been shown to work miracles in reducing damage and improving your muscles, but now new technologies are supercharging the process, providing a speedier recovery. Here are three trends your sore muscles are aching for you to try now.


This comfortable and non-invasive process is a unique mix of vacuum compression and low impact movement, which not only aids in the recovery of muscles but has the ability to burn away fat too.

It features 400 integrated pressure chambers that are strategically placed over various parts of the body. It works by gently massaging the muscles to promote lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation, reducing recovery time dramatically and without the need for direct skin contact.

The 20 minute program can reach a greater amount of sore muscles than the bruise-inducing “cupping” therapy, with results lasting for up to 100 times longer.

The HYPOXI-method lets you choose from a range of devices to best suit your recovery goals. So if your plan is to supercharge your recovery time, just add on the s120 to your treatment. This quick 30 minute process — known as the “active recovery” phase of HYPOXI — applies negative and positive vacuum pressure while you gently exercise. During this process, oxygen and nutrient-enriched bloodflow to damaged tissue is increased, resulting in regeneration of muscle tissues while you passively exercise to detoxify your body.

If you’re not too focused on recovery, HYPOXI is largely known as a fat reduction technology, and is one of the few which targets specific problem areas.

NormaTec Mechanical Massage

This is no ordinary hot stone or deep tissue massage. Introducing NormaTec, a dynamic compression therapy that enhances bloodflow and boosts recovery speed and efficiency. It aids in muscle repair and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that can occur 24-48 hours after an intense workout.

The recovery system consists of spacesuit-like sleeves fitted over various parts of the body (legs, arms or hips), then filled with air to systematically compress the muscles in a pulsing manner from the extremities in towards the core, similar to the kneading and stroking you would see in a traditional massage. The sleeves even cleverly mould to fit your exact
body shape.

This technology mimics the body’s own muscular contractions to help pump blood from the legs and arms back towards the heart and kidneys to allow it to be filtered, flushing the limbs with fresh oxygenated blood — all while lying on a couch. The patented massage pattern is believed to be one of the most effective ways to mobilise fluid in and out of the limbs, giving you that “fresh legs” feeling after taking them off.

Each session can vary in time depending on the individual, but you’re expected to start seeing benefits in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.


If the thought of stepping into an ice-cold bath is enough to give you chills, then you may want to ask yourself if this next technology is for you. The hyper-cooling treatment of Cryotherapy is the latest fitness craze said to soothe sore muscles, calm inflammation, strengthen the immune system and improve sleep after you’ve worked up a serious sweat in the gym

The 90-180 second teeth-chattering cold treatment involves standing inside what can only be described as a deep freezer chamber while temperatures drop to as low as -140°C, wearing nothing but your underwear, socks and gloves.

The theory is that the fine nitrogen dry mist that flows around your body tricks it into thinking it’s in danger, signaling your brain to go into “flight or fight” mode. This protective process triggers a rush of warm blood to protect your internal organs, flooding red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes, increasing your body heat and serotonin levels, aiding in the feel-good factor.

With your body undergoing this panic response your muscles start to naturally contract while joints and ligaments loosen up. When it’s all over your body temperature rapidly returns to normal, releasing the enriched blood back into the body, skin and muscles, boosting cell renewal and giving you immediate relief from stiff and sore muscles