The metabolic power of olive oil

Olive oil is a fantastic way to get a dose of good fats in your diet — but the fruity oil has a second powerful effect on your body. A new study has shown that olive oil helps you regulate your metabolism, helping you stay lean.

Biochemists from Virginia Polytechnic Institute looked specifically at the compound oleuropein, found in green olives and olive leaves. They found that oleuropein helped the body produce more insulin which assisted cells in using sugar for fuel and helped to regulate metabolism.

A well-regulated metabolism helps your body to fuel efficiently, keeping you in shape and helping you to absorb nutrients.

They also found that oleuropein reduced the cytoxicity (how toxic a compound is to a cell) of a hormone called amylin, which is commonly associated with diabetes. This could be one of the reasons why olive oil is known as “anti-diabetic” in medical circles.

On top of this, olive oil is known to offer other health benefits, including reducing your risk for developing dementia and being generally good for your heart.