Lights out, it’s time to dance

What if you could dance your butt off without anyone judging what you look like, what you’re wearing or how you’re dancing?

That’s the premise behind No Lights No Lycra (NLNL), an event where you can dance to great music with the lights turned off. Launched in Melbourne, NLNL has been a smash underground hit, with “ambassadors” appointed to run NLNL events in literally hundreds of towns in Australia, and now the rest of the world.

“You don’t talk to anyone, you can’t really make out faces because it’s dark, it’s just you and dancing for an hour,” says Kate Ulmer, a regular at the Melbourne events.

“I find it mentally awesome because you’re thinking up the next dance move and thinking about the song, and physically awesome because you dance how you want — high kicks, roll on the floor, ballroom, work up a sweat… no one cares!”

Find out more about NLNL (and find a dark dance party near you!) over at their website.