Living sculpture: Miss Universe Pro Sports Model Katelyn Bartlett

The Pre Universe shoot

This shoot took place when Katelyn was four days from flying to Rio to compete for the title of WFF Miss Universe.

“My body had never been so lean. I was actually so lean that my coach Steve Baudo told me he was worried I was borderline Figure instead of Sports athlete. I wanted to use my body condition to create pure artwork of the female form. I wanted to remain respectful, classy and feminine. This was my first ‘nude’ shoot. Carl and I worked together to create images that kept me covered in the image with the use of my own body warping around, a rope or even with the use of light/shadows.”

“After that shoot I felt so empowered. I felt brave. I felt unbeatable. I had surpassed all the previous versions of myself I had brought to the stage. My goal is to always be better than my best. On comp day it’s me vs me. When I’m on stage I’m not there against competitors, I’m there with fellow athletes. I’m there for the judges, I’m there for my family, friends, clients, and Australia.”