5 ways the new Fitbit Ionic will revolutionise your fitness

    Fitbit has just announced the launch of its new flagship fitness wearable and smartwatch: the Fitbit Ionic. Sleek, smooth and streamlined, the eye-catching new smartwatch is redefining what it means to be a fitness and health tracker.

    Here’s the new features letting the Ionic help you hit your fitness goals and keep you healthy every day (and night).

    1. More accurate statistics in real time

    Fitbit has almost entirely overhauled its heart rate technology to give you more accurate measurements of your fitness metrics. As well as measuring your heart rate and VO2 max, it now includes extra light sensors to measure your blood oxygen levels. The implications of this are huge — not only can it help you keep a closer eye on your fitness, but it can assist in early detection of health problems.

    The iconic PurePulse heart rate tracking has also improved, giving you greater accuracy across a variety of fitness events, including cycling, intervals and running, and giving you a more accurate measure of calorie burn and heart rate training zones.

    To give you the absolute best in accurate readings, the Fitbit Ionic has been tested against medicine-grade machines, and proved itself!

    2. Improved sleep tracking and insights

    While sleep tracking has been a big part of Fitbit’s repertoire for the last couple of years, the Ionic has improved on its predecessors in its ability to help improve your sleep. The improved sensors on the Ionic make it perfect for detecting which stage of sleep you’re in (REM, light and deep sleep, as well as when you wake up) and, through Sleep Insights on the app, guide you to getting a better night’s rest.

    “Fitbit’s sleep features use a scientific-based approach to show your sleep patterns over time, and provide you with validated, actionable guidance to help you make changes in your daily routine to achieve greater quality sleep – and in turn improve your overall health,” says Dr Allison Siebern, who helped develop the Sleep Insights function.

    3. Built-in GPS and music + Fitbit Flyer headphones

    Pound the pavement hands-free! If you’re not incredibly in love with the idea of receiving texts and phone calls while you’re working out, the Ionic gives you the opportunity to leave your phone at home and still track your runs with built-in GPS and take your tunes with you.

    As well as automatically tracking your run from your very first step, the GPS functionality of the Ionic lets you track your distance, speed and pace with more accuracy than ever before. It also tracks elevation, split times and gives you a full map of your walk, run or ride in the app when you get back to base.

    It also has the capacity to store over 300 of your best gym tunes, seamlessly pairing with your Bluetooth headset to keep you pumped through your workout. If you don’t have a Bluetooth headset, Fitbit has also announced the launch of its very first headphones: the Fitbit Flyer.

    The Flyer is everything you want in a pair of workout headphones: lightweight, durable, sweatproof and providing the ultimate in sound – including a bass-thumping Power Boost mode. It can even connect to your phone and your Ionic at the same time (if you drag your phone to your workout), letting you flick between awesome tunes and taking a call with the press of a button.

    4. Water resistance and swim tracking for summer

    Perfect for summer, the Ionic is water resistant to 50m and comes with a purpose-build swim tracking feature. It automatically registers your stroke, laps, durations and calories burnt in the pool, and is even durable enough for ocean swims and surfs. You don’t even need to take it off in the shower!

    5. Guided workouts tailored to you

    One of the most exciting features the Ionic brings to the world of fitness tracking is the ability to provide tailored workouts on your wrist. The guided workouts live on your watch and are accessible with a flick and a tap, presenting you with visual cues for now, but introducing audio cues in early 2018.

    The custom content is created for your goals, and provide you with personalised insights and tools to increase your fitness, health and behaviour.

    “This new premium service marks the next chapter for Fitbit – bringing smarter, adaptive and more personalised software experiences to our users that help drive positive health outcomes, thereby creating lifelong Fitbit customers,” said Jon Oakes, VP of Product at Fitbit.

    This is just the tip of the Fitbit Ionic iceberg — with the smartwatch also providing Fitbit Pay with a huge range of banks (literally just scan your watch on any contactless terminal), a 4+ day battery life unprecedented with the huge range of features available, customisable watch faces and all the notifications you could possibly ask for. The tech is going to be constantly growing and evolving, you don’t want to miss out on this wearable revolution.

    Fitbit Ionic is available for presale today on Fitbit.com and select online retailers for $449.95. Ionic will be available in stores worldwide beginning October 2017.