Napping know-how

Stressed businessman

A power nap can be a good way to refresh yourself if you’re feeling tired during the day. But to prevent it from interrupting your regular sleep cycle, or making you feel groggy, there are some simple rules you should follow:

  1. Pick your time — you should take your nap between 1pm and 4pm so as not to interrupt your sleep cycle.
  2. Set your alarm — the ideal power nap lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Any longer than this and you can develop sleep inertia — that unpleasant groggy feeling you can get upon waking.
  3. Get comfortable — choose a place to nap that is dark and quiet, and take a blanket or cover up as your temperature drops when you sleep.
  4. Practice makes perfect — don’t expect to fall asleep instantly if you’re new at napping. Set aside time to relax and wind down before napping to give you the best chance at success.