How to do the Spring Quiff

You can’t go past gaining that extra bit of height, and it only takes a few key ingredients.

To successfully establish this 50’s quiff and stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure you keep your length at the front.

On freshly washed hair, work in a golf ball size of Oribe Grandiose Plumping Mousse — this works a treat in “blowing up” even the finest of hair strands to give a fuller look. Attach the narrow nozzle to your hairdryer to give direct heat to the area you’re working on. There’s no need to use a brush, you only need your fingers to stretch out those strands to give that 50’s vibe (but by all means if your strands are wavy or curly, use a round, medium size bristle brush to smooth over the front so it becomes picture perfect).

Once you’ve directed the hair where you want, hit that cool shot button on your hairdryer (this is my secret handy tip) as it sets your new shape in place longer.


There’s no reason why you can’t explore dishevelled waves or “texture”. By using the right product to get results, you’ll get texture that’s cool, and not like you’ve had an 80’s perm.

On clean hair, work a five cent piece size of R+Co Twister into your palms and massage evenly into your hair, then give your head a shake.

Attach a diffuser to your hairdryer to evenly distribute the heat, and use circular movements over your head, pushing the hair up from the root area and scrunching the ends. Using a diffuser will always bring out the natural movement of your hair, which is always the key.

Once you’ve dried off your hair 90%, leave the other 10% to dry naturally as you want your texture to keep form.   


And I’m not talking about your hamstrings here either guys… we’ll stretch those muscles out for sure, but here we need to work towards a slicker new you.

Here’s a cheat sheet to make your hair appear that little bit longer by keeping your strands slick and neatly groomed — for a board meeting or a fun night out on the town.

For a precise, slick look you’ll want to towel dry your hair first. Work a pea size of R+Co Conformist into your palms thoroughly before applying it through your hair.

Create a dead straight part line with the tail of your comb, combing the rest of your hair smoothly away from your face to give a polished stylish vibe. Keep in mind that the wider the teeth on your comb, the wider the lines will be in the final result.

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Photography: Lee McCluskey
Model: Zander @ CHADWICK models