Heavy shoes cost you time and energy

New research has emerged showing that the heavier your shoes are, the more energy you spend when running, and the slower your overall time will be.

From the American College of Sports Medicine comes a blind study where runners were tasked with running a 3km time trial 3 times over 3 weeks — in 3 different pairs of shoes. The first pair was your regular off-the-shelf pair, the second pair was modified with an invisible 100g weight, and the third pair modified further with a tiny 300g weight.

What they found was that the heavier the shoes were, the slower the runners were to reach the 3km mark, and the more energy they expended along the way.

Each 100g added to the shoe reduced performance by 1%. This equates with 90m difference between the lightest and heaviest shoes used in the study over the whole 3km — a significant distance if you’re trying to break your record or win a race.

For reference, 100g is about the weight of an apple or a deck of cards.

The lesson here seems to be that, for distance runners, choose shoes that support you while being incredibly lightweight.

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