Grooming moves to master

Cooler weather is no excuse to drop your game. Look sharp with these 10 tips by Sarah Brooks-Wilson.

If you’ve made the most of the long, hot summer, chances are your skin, hair and body will need a few repairs. Here’s how to look and feel your best so you can slip into autumn looking groomed.

01 Give body hair a once over

The days of baring your body on the street might be over, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off when it comes to body hair. Unless you’ve been keeping up regular maintenance, things have probably gone downhill a bit. It’s time to pick up the razor once again, or at least schedule an appointment at the laser clinic to nix the hair that has gone astray.

02 Tidy your beard  

Men are having a pro-beard moment, but don’t mistake growing a beard with not shaving or grooming your facial hair. Know exactly where your beard should stop to prevent yourself from trimming it too high or keeping it too low. Your neckline should form a clean U-shape from behind each ear, meeting about an inch above your Adam’s apple. Keep it tame and smelling fresh with an oil or balm. Try Muk Haircare Mr Muk Beard Oil, $21.95.

03 Tame your eyebrows

Lack of brow attention can really throw off your look. Eyebrow expert Martha B says to only remove the hairs outside the main brow line. “There should always be two brows on the face, so take the hairs between the brows to the width of your thumb,” she says. Angled tweezers are her preferred tool. “You should always pluck in the direction of hair growth and trim by brushing up the hair and cutting the longer ones with a pair of cosmetic scissors.” Try Tweezerman GEAR Slant Tweezer, $29.95.

04 Freshen up your ‘do  

It’s time to book an appointment and have a stylist work some magic on your tresses. Get a good wash and conditioning treatment in the chair, then have a thorough cut to get rid of split ends and dryness. High and tight on the sides and longer on top is still a favourite cut. With a side part shaved right into the cut, you can comb it slick through the workweek and wear it mussed up for the weekend. Don’t forget to keep it tame with a paste like Matrix Style Link Shape Switcher Molding Paste, $22.95.

05 Switch up your scent wardrobe  

While fresh, citrusy aromas may have been the fragrance du jour throughout summer, it’s now time to break out those richer, more robust scents. Think woods, tobacco, leather and oak moss. These headier notes will warm your senses when there’s a chill in the air. Try Goldfield & Banks Australia Wood Infusion, $229.

06 Wash your face every day  

Dermalogica’s Education Manager, Emma Hobson, advocates for a daily scrub. “Men have larger pores and produce 50-75% more oil than women, so more dirt and grime can stick to the skin,” she explains. Your skin can easily get congested, so she recommends a thorough daily cleansing to keep it clean and to help remove any dead skin. “The result is a smoother shave, too,” she adds. Try Charles + Lee Face Wash, $18.95.

07 Sort out your tired feet

After a few months of thongs and sandals, your poor soles will need a little TLC. Make friends with tea tree oil to clear up any infections, applied twice daily to the nail bed. A good soak in apple cider vinegar will also help. To soften hard, dry soles, use a pumice stone to exfoliate and a heavy-duty body moisturiser. Dust off your toenail clippers and cut your nails, and you’re done.

08 Develop a bedtime skincare routine 

Apply skin products before bed, when your body is in regeneration mode. But Hobson advises to remove the grime on your skin first. “Neglect this and your skin will look dull, tired and stressed before you’ve even hit the pillow,” she says. After washing your face, apply a vitamin-rich serum or oil and an anti-ageing moisturiser. Try Dermalogica Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum, $99 and Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Moisturizer for Men, $55.

09 Don’t forget to exfoliate  

With everything you put on your skin through summer, you’ll need to clean off dead skin cells regularly. Invest in a good exfoliator and scrub up in the shower twice a week to keep your pores clean and prevent unnecessary breakouts. If you have problematic, sensitive skin, Hobson recommends a leave-on salicylic acid treatment to help clear blemishes gently. Try The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Scrub, $20.95 and Dermalogica MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel, $71.

10 Don’t skip sunscreen

Don’t put away that SPF just yet. Save yourself the trauma of late-season sunburn by slathering on just as much sunscreen as you would have in high summer. “Winter sun can cause just as much sun damage as summer sun,” says Hobson. Stay light by opting for a moisturiser that contains an SPF. Try Nivea Men Protect & Care Protective Moisturiser SPF15, $11.83.