This workout will make you as strong as possible

Doug WO
Strength training should be the cornerstone for all programs. Personal trainer and powerlifter, Doug Gough, explains why.

Strength training’s transfer across to all aspects of your training is undeniable.

Want to increase muscle mass? Your body needs an increase in stimulus over time, and what better way to provide the stimulus than to be stronger and move more weight than ever before.

Want to be faster and more athletic? Being stronger allows for greater force production, enabling the body to produce faster movement with more joint stability.

Want to increase your fat burning capability? Increasing strength and muscle mass raises the body’s general energy expenditure, making it easier to facilitate weight loss and reduce body fat. The list goes on.

In order to allow yourself to become as strong as possible, it’s important to know what the two largest contributors are to strength — muscle size and movement efficiency. Therefore your program must allow you to build muscle mass and ingrain solid movement patterns, in such a way that allows the best of both.

Before undertaking such a program, it’s important that your movement across the lifts highlighted below is competent and follows generally good technique (simple technique pointers are given below as well).