Get luxe for less that actually lasts with Remington PROLUXE

Looking for a salon-grade straightener with staying power? Kate Evans finds out there’s more to the new Remington PROLUXE than simply straightening at its launch last week. 

Ever since I got my first GHD (which was shared with my brother who was going through his metro phase), I’ve been absolutely useless with straighteners.

From square curls to burning my neck and being accused of having hickeys — no, they’re actually burns mum, you know how uncoordinated I am — straighteners and I have never been able to form an even tentative path to friendship. Whenever I wanted anything done to my hair other than straightening out that pony tail kink, I’ve had to have friends do it for me. And even when I went to a friend (or my manager at work, she’s great at it) who had skills with a straightener, it took around half a can of hairspray to hold it in place. My hairdressers are constantly amazed: “you have really thin strands, but wow you have a lot of hair.” My curls were essentially crunchy.

I thought I was doomed into a begging, crunchy-haired existence until the end of my days (or at least until I married a chef/hairdresser/athlete/masseuse/stylist/Harry Styles hybrid).

But no need for that now (just kidding, I’ll still marry that hybrid). The Remington PROLUXE Salon Straightener creates curls that last — no really. And even better, these curls weren’t crunchy in the slightest.


A few of us lucky ladies had our hair done professionally at their launch last week. My hair was curled, with one side being done by a rival straightener and the other done with the PROLUXE Salon Straightener. With the Ultimate Glide Ceramic coating, the straightener effortlessly moved through my hair without creating any kinks, square curls or anything. The general consensus from everyone having their hair done was “wow, that’s amazing glide-ability!”

The office consensus was that the left side of my hair — the PROLUXE side — stayed longer, was bouncier and generally looked better. Minimal hairspray was used to hold it in place, and it was so lightweight my hair looked and felt productless.

The addition of intelligent PROheat technology means that this straightener can create long lasting style. My hair’s the type that goes sad and limp within about an hour — but with this it lasted from 10am-10pm. That’s a full day of work, with an hour-long gym break where it managed to hold through.

use_2Remington is also releasing a PROLUXE Salon Dryer which also features the PROheat technology, with a unique-shaped Styling Concentrator (that’s a nozzle for all us simple minded folk), which enhances air flow and distributes heat evenly. The ionic condition technology releases 90% more ions for less frizz — all you curly headed gals out there will be clamouring for one of these… my sister is probably reading this right now cursing me for getting the straightener and not the Salon Dryer.

The Remington PROLUXE Salon Straightener and Dryer come with a five year manufacturers warranty, and are available from all leading electrical retails from mid-September. With reasonable prices of RRP $149.95 for the Straightener, and $129.95, what are you waiting for?

To find out more, head to the Remington website

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