Get curvy

Taking inspiration from the queens of curve — Beyoncé and Fergie ­— this hair how-to is all about volume.

In my 25 years of hairdressing around the globe, I’ve noticed that women feel sexier and more confident when their hair has a beautiful voluminous curve — it makes them feel like a million bucks.

So turn up your stereo and get curvalicious, because you know girls “Run The World”… OK I just had to say that.

Start with freshly shampooed hair. Work a good sized ball of a medium hold foam/mousse through from roots to ends. Comb with a wide-tooth comb and divide hair into top and bottom sections, clipping the top half away.

Using a large, round brush, pull each section up from the roots and blast your strands dry to create a beautiful curve. Do this all the way around then unclip the top section, place in your usual part and keep going with your blow drying.

Grab your tongs and, starting at the top, wind sections from ends to roots and secure each one as you go.

Let your new curves cool down, then take the clips out and brush curls into place to sculpt into shape. Spray for some extra hold.


  • Use two different sized tongs to get a variation of curves, which will make your style look more natural.
  • If you want more oomph on the crown area, backcomb the roots and spray a little hairspray to give more longevity.
  • Need more shine for lacklustre hair? Use a shine product on damp strands before blow drying as this helps it absorb into each strand far better than on dry hair — it won’t look oily either which is key.

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Photography: Lee McCluskey
Videography: Matt Grech
Model: Bree @ Chadwick Models