Fit, lean and strong: The DJ Tigerlily workout

This workout created for DJ Tigerlily, Dara Hayes, is going to get you leaner, stronger, fitter and looking and feeling great.

Designed by trainer Jonathan Bailey, this program aims to improve your strength, body composition and boost your metabolism. It uses a combination of strength and metabolic work with a focus on compound or multi-joint movements, including squats, deadlifts, rows and presses. These recruit a lot of muscles at once, providing a bigger stimulus for fat loss.

Jonathan says the program tackles the most mentally demanding exercises first (squats and deadlifts) before moving on to other accessory and metabolic work, with more time under tension. This allows you to see progress in strength and body composition throughout the training cycle.

Jonathan has also included some specific exercises to help correct and prevent muscular imbalances, improve posture and make the body stronger.

Dara’s program often uses a high-rep “back off” set (at 30-50% less intensity than the top work set) after the heavy compound work to take advantage of using more muscle fibres from the successive heavier sets (known as rate coding), and to facilitate a big lactic acid build up and growth hormone release. This helps to reinforce form and technique and build up efficiency.

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The Workout

A1. BB back squat

With the bar on your traps take a deep breath in, brace your core, bring your elbows in tight and keep your chest up. Focus on pushing your hips back and knees forward as you squat. Push your knees out as you drive up, squeezing your glutes together at the top. Breathe and brace before each repetition.

A2. BB hip thrust

Place your shoulders on a bench at knee height and tuck in your pelvis while keeping a neutral spine. Breathe in and brace your core before lifting your hips, driving through your heels and pushing your knees out. Squeeze your glutes at the top.

B1. Standing BB push press

Set your hands shoulder-width apart and unrack the bar. Stack your wrist over your elbow so your forearm is perpendicular to the floor. Breathe in and brace your core. Dip to a quarter squat before driving upwards through your heels and legs, pushing your knees forward and out as you press the bar overhead.

B2. Deadlift

Set your feet directly under your hips with toes straight. Grab the bar with your hands just outside your knees. Keeping a neutral spine, pull the bar to your shins and set your shoulders back and down. Keep the bar close as you pull up, driving through your legs, pushing your knees out and driving your hips to the bar. Squeeze your glutes at the top.

C1. Single arm DB row

Kneeling on a bench, line up your front hand with your shoulder and your back knee with your hip. Your hips should be level. Anchor your shoulder blade back and down before pulling up, squeezing your back and keeping your elbow close to your ribs.

C2. Split squat

Stand 3-4 steps in front of a step and, keeping feet shoulder width apart, place your back foot on the step. With shoulders back and your chest up, breathe in and brace your core. Sink down until your back knee touches the floor. Drive up, keeping the weight through your front heel.

C3. Flat neutral grip DB press

Lying face up on a flat bench, bring your feet back towards your glutes and press the ball of your foot firm into the ground. With your arms extended, set your shoulder blades back and down toward the ground. Keeping your palms facing each other, lower the weights and drive back up, pressing the dumbbells together at the top.

C4. 45° back extension

Set your feet shoulder width apart. Keep a neutral spine as you hinge forward from your hips and lower your torso down. Squeeze your glutes first as you pull up, tucking your chin toward your chest. Finish with your body in line — don’t hyperextend your back. Squeeze your glutes together at the top.

Jonathan Bailey is an exercise physiologist and high performance coach based in Sydney. Over the past 10 years Jonathan has worked with a range of amateur and elite clients on rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, athletic performance and body composition. Find out more at, on Facebook @jonathanbaileyperformancecoach
and on Instagram @jonathanbailey23.