The Fitness First magazine issue guide for Jan/Feb 2017

The latest issue of the Fitness First magazine is all about living life! See below for our top stories from the latest issue, available in their entirety right here online.

First up, we talked to the young people at the forefront of the fitness Instagram movement to get their view on how to make social media part of a balanced lifestyle, and Instagram’s impact on confidence, happiness and life.

Here’s our definitive guide for first-time gym goers (or veterans returning after a break) written by the experts, including:

Hitting the gym to work on your best physique ever? We have the best butt-sculpting workout for your gym-spiration, complete with nutrition guide.

Forget taco Tuesday — with these amazing, authentic recipes you’ll want taco everyday! Om nom nom.

Look into my eyes and you can see the future of fitness… or at least, the predictions of industry insiders for 2017. If you want to be ahead of the curb, read our 2017 fitness trends guide. And don’t forget our 2017 tech guide with the best from CES.

Ever opened your closet and wondered what the hell you’re going to wear to the gym today? Wonder no longer with our in-house photoshoot of the best activewear to kick off your fittest year yet. And let’s not forget, what’s under your activewear is just as important, so hit up our photoshoot for some undie inspiration.

Are you a Bodypump fanatic? ‘Coz I am! And with the release of Bodypump100, we’ve chronicled the evolution of the iconic and insanely popular group class.

You don’t need to go empty your entire cupboard to start healthy eating — in fact, you might already have some of the best low-calorie foods in your home right now! Here’s our guide on what to eat to lower your calories.

Globetrotting this year? We’ve got two amazing travel features, including the best 10 destinations you need to tick off your bucket list and a FFmag staffer’s guide on cruising the French canals in pure luxury.

Taking care of your skin in summer can be a harder task than you thought! We asked dermatologist Dr. Ann-Maree Kurzydlo how to take care of your skin in the heat.

Are beers really healthy? We looked at the low-carb variety beers on the shelf to see what, if any, is the difference, and if swapping to a lighter brew is really worth sacrificing for taste.

Keep an eye out for more amazing stories from the Fitness First magazine as they go live!