FFmag exclusive: train like Beckham

It’s not every day you get to speak to David Beckham about his fitness; but Fitness First magazine managed to, when covering the launch of his new fragrance.

When he was playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid, Beckham was legendary for his hardcore cardio sessions. He loved to train hard. Really hard. So we asked him whether he’d kept up the intensity after he retired. The answers didn’t surprise.

“I enjoy working out regularly and it’s part of my daily routine in some form or other,” he told Fitness First magazine. “For me, it’s important to mix up all different activities, but whatever I do, I push myself as hard as I can. I like the feeling of working hard, and then relaxing after.”

What’s a typical workout that Beckham enjoys doing now that he doesn’t have to go nuts on a soccer field for 90 minutes every week? “It’s a mix for me to keep it interesting. I enjoy being in the gym, I like boxing, running, spin classes — it’s important to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. That way, it’s more likely you’ll keep it up.”

Beckham has ensured that his family also leads a fit lifestyle. “My kids are all active and play a number of sports, both at home and school. But as a family we like walking the dog or, when we’re in LA, we enjoy hikes.”

Often, sportspeople who look back on their playing days say they miss the little things — like the camaraderie in the changeroom and that wonderful, heady feeling after a training session when you’ve showered, dressed and are ready to take on the world. It’s a feeling many Fitness First members will identify with, and so does Beckham, who says he “likes to feel fresh and smell good” after training.

This was one of his motivations for partnering with Coty to create a range of fragrances over the years. His latest, RESPECT, has an original, woody and citrusy smell that doesn’t overpower. “It’s a modern, fresh and masculine fragrance. It’s perfect for the modern man,“ he says.

Who’s to argue? No one does the modern man better than Beckham!