Endurance exercise actually treats inflammation

If you’ve ever put off exercise because you’re feeling a bit sore, new research has shown that being sore is exactly the reason why you should exercise. It turns out that endurance exercise is one of the best treatments for inflammation, healing your muscles and cleaning out your body of dead cells.

The study examined the effect of endurance exercise on microRNA in skeletal muscles, and the changes that it made to muscular inflammation. They found that exercise created microRNA that reduced the number of harmful muscle-destroying immune cells and at the same time, healed muscles by increasing aerobic metabolism.

In basic terms, endurance exercise stops your body from creating inflammation while healing the damage already done at the same time.

“The reason why exercise wasn’t considered [as a remedy] before is that if people have muscles that are already inflamed or weak, they believed exercise would make the muscles worse,” explains lead researcher Kanneboyina Nagaraju, Binghamton University Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

“However, what is surprising is the question of why exercise is so effective. It’s because exercise takes care of the immune cells that are damaging the muscle while simultaneously targeting specific parts of dead or affected muscles.”

No anti-inflammatory drugs can help your sore muscles as much as going for a long walk, jog or run can! The next time you’re feeling a bit inflamed, exercise should be your go-to cure.