Countdown to summer

PT Isabella Hakin’s workout will get you lean and toned for the beach, but also fit enough for any adventure.

Summer is on the way and regardless of what sport or activity you’re involved in, you want to look great, feel great and move well. This full body workout is designed to maximise your performance, muscle mass and fat loss.

The best way to improve your health and performance is to boost the strength of your body. By incorporating compound movements into your training program in addition to a variety of functional exercises, you’ll reach your optimal dynamic wellbeing.

A stronger body will serve you better and produce more power to propel you towards any challenges. I’ve had a lot of success with this style of programming for many of my male and female clients!

Something you should consider before diving into this workout is what you’d like to get out of it. The routine plays with a great mix of exercises that will test your strength, stability, endurance, agility and of course, your stamina.

 1  Barbell hip thrust

6-8 sets, 4 reps, 7-8 RPE, 60-90 sec

Position yourself with feet hip-width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Keep your knees out, a slight posterior tilt in your pelvis and your core engaged. Thrust up as fast as possible, squeezing your glutes tightly, making sure to pause and stabilise at the top before controlling the bar back down.

 2  Barbell sumo deadlift high pull

10-12 sets, 4 reps, 7-8 RPE, 60-90 sec

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, hands in between bent legs with a full grip on the bar. Keep your spine neutral and chin tucked in. Start the deadlift by pushing your heels into the ground and driving your hips forward into a thrust, then continue the movement by pulling the bar up into an upright row. Keep your elbows at your ears and the bar just below the chin with core engaged tightly throughout the movement.

 3  Wide grip lat pulldown

12-15 sets, 3 reps, 7-8 RPE

Attach a wide-grip handle to the lat pulldown machine. Grab the handle with a pronated grip as wide as possible (45 degrees from straight up). Lean back slightly and depress your shoulderblades, flexing your elbows out and pulling the handle towards your body until the bar just touches the top of your chest. Hold for a moment, then slowly release back to start position using control.

 4  Alternating fixed barbell curtsey lunges

15 each side, 3 reps, 7-8 RPE, 60-90 sec

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Move one leg behind the other and step into lunge position so your thighs cross. Bend both knees as the same time, as if you were curtseying. Return to start position and switch sides. Make sure your core is engaged and torso proud.