Why cinnamon is the perfect christmas superfood

Cinnamon is one of nature’s hidden treasures. Research has shown that it can improve your memory and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels — and now it’s even been shown to improve your body’s ability to burn fat.

What better way to help keep weight off over the holidays?

While studies have previously shown that cinnamon can increase a mouse’s metabolism, a recent study from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute is one of the first to show that it can amp up fat burning of humans too.

The compound that gives cinnamon its spicy smell and taste, cinnamaldehyde, burns energy in fat cells, allowing our body to use fat as fuel and stopping it from being stored. Cinnamaldehyde is also the compound used in cinnamon-flavoured toothpaste and gum, and is used to create a cinnamon scent in food and beauty products.

Our bodies are evolutionarily primed to store fat instead of burning it, making cinnamon an attractive addition to your diet when you’re trying to lose and prevent putting on weight.

“It’s only been relatively recently that energy surplus has become a problem,” says lead author Jun Wu. “Throughout evolution, the opposite — energy deficiency — has been the problem. So any energy-consuming process usually turns off the moment the body doesn’t need it.”

The solution: cinnamon in everything. Try our delicious gut healing smoothie (with cinnamon) to get into the festive spirit.