Get the perfect pecs for summer

Getting your perfect pecs for summer takes more than a bench press. Fitness First PT Nick Cheadle shows us how progressive overloading can lead to bigger gains and a bigger chest.

You don’t build muscle by simply training every day. You don’t build muscle by simply consuming a post-workout shake with carbs within 30 minutes of your training session. You don’t build muscle by simply performing supersets or drop-sets. You don’t build muscle by incorporating a weekly cheat meal into your routine.

The truth of the matter is that you build muscle by progressively overloading, lifting more and more over time and eating to support your goals. Building a big chest is no different — if you want it to grow and develop you need to accurately target and challenge it with more and more volume over time while eating accordingly.

To give yourself every chance of effectively targeting both your pec major and pec minor, give this brutal workout a whirl — while some of the exercises are for more advanced athletes or lifters, it contains a number of regressions that will not only allow you to progressively overload in time, but they’ll hit your chest from all angles and rep ranges to ensure you’re recruiting as many muscle fibres as possible in the pursuit of your perfect chest.

Training tips:

  • Always ensure to choose a weight that will adequately challenge you for the target rep range without causing any compromise to your form.
  • Maintain a proud chest and neutral/straight spine while performing any chest-related exercises.
  • More advanced lifters should aim to complete the workout as explained, while beginner-style lifters should consider the regression techniques and reducing the amount of sets performed.
  • Aim to increase the weight of at least one or two of the exercises each time you perform the routine.
  • Eat accordingly — if you’re trying to grow your chest and build muscle ensure you are eating enough calories to do so

Nick is a Sydney-based Fitness First PT and coach. Get in contact at

Nick Cheadle Chest Workout