Changing shape

Men are no longer overlooked by the beauty industry. Here are three easy autumn looks you can try, depending on your mood for the day.

1. Reach new heights

This sky-high shape works well if you want to elongate your face. It’s also handy to make you look taller overall, and who doesn’t want that? The key to this is making sure you have enough length on top.

On damp hair, spritz a few pumps of your R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray all over. If you have time, blow dry while stretching your hair from the roots upwards to gain more height. If you’re in a rush, skip the blow dry, instead raking your fingers through your hair a few times throughout the morning until it’s dry.

No need for any other products with this one, let’s keep it simple!

2. Enhance your assets

We’re talking about your hair here guys! This trend was big in Europe on the runway at Men’s Fashion Week.

Encourage your natural texture this season (well, any season really) and get yourself a tube of R+Co Twister Curl Primer.

Squeeze a pea-sized amount into your palms and work through your hair from roots to ends. Scrunch your strands to bring out the texture and that’s it, you’re done! The best part of this one is that you don’t have to be precious about the product application. The messier the better.

3. High voltage shine

Hands up who’s got product build up from the last 6 months. Feels gross huh? You need to swap your current product out for R+Co Continental Wax.

This lightweight, non-greasy wax is easy to work through and style without the build up that some waxes leave. Work a 20c piece size into your strands then comb into place for a super shiny look to impress in your next boardroom meeting. The vibe of this look is a true classic barber style finish with a touch of street cred for Insta-worthy shots.

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Model: Levi
 @ Chadwick models
Photography by Lee McCluskey
Videography by Matt Grech