BMW 630i GT – the liftback fights back

Not everybody wants an SUV. You can still get great practicality in a classic package with the BMW 630i GT. Antonio Morris reports.

The BMW 630i is probably our favourite BMW. It’s a really unusual combination of the best features of several BMW models mixed together to create a package that does everything well.

It’s an SUV. Sort of. Its liftback shape lets you pop open the boot and pack it with everything that could fit into an SUV with its massive 1,800 litres of boot capacity, when the rear seats are down. So while it won’t be going off-road, the 630i will match an SUV for storage. It even rides a bit higher than a straight sedan.

It’s a limousine. Although it’s a 6 Series, it’s built on the larger platform of a 7 Series Bimmer, so when you’re not packing it with all your baggage and the rear seats are up, there is an insane amount of space for passengers. Definitely enough to label it a limousine that could carry a VIP in comfort.

It’s a sports sedan. It certainly performs and handles like one of the new 5 Series sedans, which means it has that wonderful BMW ability to combine a luxury ride with sportscar-style handling.

It’s a grand tourer. GT stands for Gran Turismo, which means it’s designed to be let loose on a freeway (or autobahn) and destroy long distances with minimal effort, while keeping the occupants completely pampered.

The 630i GT (with a 2 litre turbocharged engine) starts at $123,500. Seems cheap for a car that’s actually several BMWs in one.