The best new gear to improve your run

When it comes to running, you want gear that fuses style with functionality. To help you lace up and glide through your next run, Stephanie Ayre lists these cool and clever essentials that come recommended from running professionals.

Steigen Running Socks

steigenYou truly can’t underestimate the importance of foot care to a runner. Your feet and how they feel can hugely impact the enjoyment and performance of your run. These “100% no blisters guaranteed” socks absorb all the extra heat and friction that speed and distance generate. They’re one size fits all and come in a wide variety of styles and cool colour combinations to enhance your race day attire.


flipbelt_1FlipBelts solve that problem of “how do I carry my small items on a run?” Essentially it’s a fabric tube that fits snug around your waist with openings to stash your items — phone, keys, money, gels — which flips over so your items are securely locked in place. You’ll never have to worry about queuing up for bag check-ins – brilliant!

AfterShokz Wireless Headphones

aftershokz_1The last thing you want while running is to try and sort out your bulky and uncomfortable headphones. That’s where Aftershokz come in. They’re lightweight, wireless, sweat proof (phew!) and considered one of the safest alternatives to traditional sports headphones around. Their clever bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones to ensure your ears remain completely open to hear your surroundings. A pair like this means you’ll never miss a beat.

Safe Laces

safelaceThere’s nothing worse than your shoelaces coming undone during a run, right? Well, Safe Laces are not only guaranteed to keep your laces tied, but once fitted will assist with the comfort and fit of your shoes too. One less thing to worry about, freeing your mind to concentrate on technique and the road ahead.


aerodaksCreated by a long distance runner, Aerodaks are special jocks made to avoid chafing by keeping you dry during your run. They’re made from premium Italian micro mesh fabric, which wicks away moisture and, in turn, reduces chafing. They’re also without side seams to reduce irritation. Fitness First mag staff tested them in a couple of races and couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Invisible Zinc SPF50+ 4HR water resistant sunscreen  

invisiblezincInvisible Zinc is perfect for running under our Australian sun. Not only is it non-greasy and sweat resistant, but zinc oxide (the active key ingredient) is a natural sun screening agent that sits on your skin and reflects UVA and UVB rays. Always Slip, Slop, Slap.

Inov Race Ultra Handheld Soft Flask     

inovflaskThis super lightweight 250ml flask allows you to carry a drink without the annoyance and wasted energy involved in gripping a bottle tightly — it simply hangs from the hand! This will avoid congestion at drink stations so you can maintain your rhythm and keep at your race pace.

Garmin Forerunner 235    

garmin_forerunner235_hr_6058-6The Garmin Forerunner 235’s mix of sharp and stylish features is ideal for start out runners looking to turn their training up a notch before a big race. The optical heart rate sensor will help you track steady runs and will help you keep an eye on your PB come race day.

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